Understanding the importance of organizational behavior will help an organization run smoothly by providing it with a direction. Organizational behavior is defined as, how people interact with each other in an organization. These behaviors have a direct impact on the organization, as an organization functions due to its employees, and if the employee is not behaving well, it affects everyone in the workplace including the organization itself. Organizational behavior will help motivate employees, and try to keep a healthy relationship with colleagues. By practicing organizational behavior we get to know the nature and activities of people in an organization. Organizational behavior has a great significance in today’s business-driven world. The need for organizational behavior is as follows.



Need and Importance of Organizational Behavior:


  • Skill Improvement:


skill improvement, importance of organizational behavior


The study of organizational behavior helps people improve their skills. By understanding the importance of organizational behavior one learns the values of efficiency. One becomes more efficient and acknowledges their abilities and skills. This helps people in improving their skills set which result in boosting their performance. Skill improvements are not only learned by employees but also by the manager. A manager who is considered the best soft skills coach guides his employees in practicing organizational behavior.  



essential skills of a good employee




  • Understanding Consumer Behavior: 


understanding consumer behavior


Learning about organizational behavior helps employees recognize their behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses. Once the employee learns about his behavior he can understand others’ behavior in a better manner. When we understand ourselves we are likely to make other people understand our opinions and help them sell our product/ services. Understanding consumer behavior more efficiently will be an advantage to the organization, as it will make the consumer feel understood and the consumer will buy our product/ service.


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  • Employee Motivation: 


Employee Motivation


Organizational behavior helps an organization know its employees better, once you get to know your employees, you will be able to motivate them. The different ways to motivate an employee will be taught by organizational behavior. As organizational behavior also teaches us personality development training, it becomes easier to figure out the wants and needs of the employees and help motivate them. Employee motivation will result in work efficiency and a healthy work environment.





  • Nature of Employees:


nature of employees


Understanding employee nature is important to manage them properly. With the help of organizational behavior, we can distinguish people into various groups, which will help us categorize people and help understand their personalities and behaviors.



personality development training



  • Anticipating Organizational Events:


Anticipating Organizational Events


The scientific study of organizational behavior helps us indicate organizational events. People tend to predict the upcoming organizational events and plan accordingly. This helps people to pre-plan the events, to give a better performance.


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  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: 


Efficiency and Effectiveness, importance of organizational behavior


Once we start studying the behavior of people within an organization, we start knowing people’s abilities, skills and behaviors. This helps us in increasing an individual’s efficiency and effectiveness. An increase in employees’ efficiency and effectiveness leads to an increase in productivity of the overall organization. organizational behavior is important as it brings out the best in an individual which leads to benefits for the entire organization.


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  • Better Environment for the Organization:


Better Environment for the Organization


When people get familiar with each other’s behavior, they become friendly with each other, they like to work with each other resulting in a comfortable and healthy work environment. Employees develop relationships with their fellow employees, helping each other out resulting in the formation of a powerful organization. organizational behavior helps people cultivate relationships with colleagues and bosses resulting in a positive work environment.


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  • Optimum Utilization of Resources:


Optimum Utilization of Resources, importance of organizational behavior


Providing information to employees about the available resources by organizational behavior will encourage employees to use maximum resources to benefit them as well as the organization when necessary. Resources are meant to be utilized, therefore it is necessary to provide information about the resources to the people who are part of the organization. This will result in better usage of resources and happier employees. Usage of beneficial resources will impact the overall organization in a positive aspect.



people management skills




  • The Goodwill of the Organization:


goodwill of the organization


Practicing organizational behavior will help employees understand the goodwill of the organization. Not only will the organization be able to know the employees, but the employees will also get to know the organization. Its brand value, customer base, and even more organizational behavior will help manage the goodwill of the organization by providing adequate information to both employees and the organization.


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Once people start following the importance of organizational behavior, the organization starts benefiting in terms of production, development, and revenue. It also helps cultivate a bond between the employees and the organization as well as employees and customers, this results in a profit for the organization. People start enjoying coming to work, due to the healthy environment and built relations. This overall benefits the growth of the organization, therefore it is necessary to practice organizational behavior in any organization as it will only result in the success of the organization.


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