tam methodology

TAM Methodology

What is TAM?
Theatrical Action Method (TAM) is a copyrighted technique developed by Sanjeev Datta (Theatre Expert & Master Spirit Life Coach) and Viram Datta (Psychologist). It is a unique, innovative, practical, result-oriented, scientific and arts-based methodology that focuses on three crucial aspects of an individual’s personality i.e., OBSERVATION SKILLS, COGNITION SKILLS & EXPRESSIVENESS. TAM helps to develop the internal personality traits for an enhanced external interpretation. It exists as a blend of techniques and concepts of theatre and techniques in education, performance theatre, edu-drama, psychology, drama-therapy, personal development, life skills and success coaching.

How did TAM originate?
Theatre is one of the oldest inventions of mankind and the ancient Romans used to wear a face mask to depict emotions during performances to create and reflect ‘persona’. That is where the word ‘personality’ is derived from. As theatre & personality were interlinked we pondered upon the idea & created the highly successful TAM. Now by working and researching for over 15 years, we have created a potent tool & transformed over 50000 personalities & growing….

How does TAM work?
There are six important aspects of personality transformation through the implementation of TAM techniques. These features include awareness, examination, intent, action, improvement and integration. Its incorporation ensures that every student is given individual exposure. In order to maintain the attention of the student, he/she is made to sit/stand in eight different positions. With every new position, the student is bound to experience, observational learning wherein the student is attentive and is not bored by the monotony of interaction that normally happens in classroom teaching/training seminars.

What is the aim of TAM?
Our aim is to incorporate TAM techniques and make India confident. . TAM focuses on overall/academic brilliance, observation skills, analytical skills, body language, confidence and belief, effective communication, English dialect, behavioural pattern, expressive ability, creativity, leadership development, enhancing of theatrical/ presentation skills etc.

Thus, experiencing the TAM techniques is the best gift one can give to their children and to themselves to enable their persona to achieve.


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