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8~56 Sessions

8~56 Sessions

12~18 Years Age

12~18 Years Age

3~12 Months Duration

3~12 Months Duration

Introductory Assessment starts at 4800/-

Introductory Assessment starts at 4800/-

Book Now at 2400/-


We develop personality and leadership skills in pre-schoolers, kids, teenagers and adults (youth, homemakers, teachers, principals, entrepreneurs and beauty pageants contestants).

Sanjeev Datta’s GoGetter Teenagers Leaders hip Development program focuses on the personality transformation and leadership development in senior school and college students. The curriculum of the course has been drafted after 15 years of rigorous research with students, parents & teachers hailing from the major schools, institutes & colleges of Delhi-NCR region. The innovative concept of Theatrical Action Methodology is used to transform personalities and enhance leadership skills.

The salient features of the personality enhancement course include developing debating and extempore skills. It values the parameters of goal setting and success driven attitude. In the entire process of mentorship, the students are taught the basics of organizational skills, positive visualization and time management. Confidence is boosted through theatrical exposure, learning the fundamentals of hosting talk shows, reading news and reporting the crucial facts.

The program also covers Interview Skills training:

Cracking the final round of interviews in competitive examinations can be a really challenging process. If the student is not exposed to the right communication skills and body language development, he/she might suffer rejection in spite of having the needed cognitive skills. It takes a lot of time and perseverance to become the ideal candidate.

Thus, our Program focuses on developing the needed interview skills to face any nerve cracking face-to-face dialogues and real life challenges.

Our focus is on developing the overall personality, performance and participation levels of the students. This is done through overcoming shyness, insecurities, hesitation and under-confidence. Through ample stage exposure and edu-theatre therapy, the students are taught how to improve voice modulation, speech development, learn the English dialect and talk flow, grasp Neuro-muscular-speech-expression-coordination, develop stage comparing and mic handling basics, creative and intelligent-quick think response and reaction, develop breathing/ breath control patterns and exercises.

Also, facial expressions play an important role in dealing with tremendous pressure. Thus, our course structure mentors every student, through individual exposure, on how to control one’s facial expressions and the power of concentration. More than 10000 students have been benefited through these interview skills development training.

The program also covers Public Speaking Skills training:

Being a public speaker, debater or a flawless orator is not an easy task. Controlling one’s apprehensions and stage fear needs a lot of guidance and practice. A huge crowd can scare even the best of us.

Our Programme firstly tries to identify the various reasons behind the under-confidence and stage fear of every student. Through Theatrical Action Methodology, our expert trainers give individual exposure to every student. We value the little steps that every student takes and encourage him/her to continue with the confident stride. After properly understanding these psychological loopholes, we train the students to become a perfect public speaker. Our focus remains on starting with the very basics, i.e, the right pronunciation and vocabulary to improve the talk flow in English. We also then move forward towards teaching the fundamentals of Neuro-muscular speech eye expression coordination along with confident ways of handling the mic. At a very constant level, we test the capability of every individual towards taking initiatives and facing challenges. Through character dramatizations, we teach every individual how one can face their vulnerabilities in different positions and time frames. Thus, with time and effort, every individual unmasks the hidden power within him/her and moulds the leader inside.


  • To develop overall potential & personality, participation & performance level

  • To become super confident, expressive & interactive

  • To learn English theatre, stage & theatre basic, Shakespeare & street theatre

  • To overcome shyness, hesitation, self doubt & stage fear

  • To enhance imagination, observation, concentration, focus, face expressions

  • To gain emotional strength & intelligence, instill positive body language & rhythm

  • To instill positivity in thoughts, actions & attitude

  • To train in voice & speech, communication skills, English dialect, talk flow, pitch & throw

  • To open up neuro-muscular-speech-eye performance coordination

  • Certificate of completion (level wise)

Assessment Sessions, Seminars, Workshops, Programs & Courses for GoGetter Teenagers/Iconic Youth/Identity for Women/Star Performer Executives-Business Owners.

  • Confidence Quotient CQ Assessment(Personality traitsCQ/InterviewSuccessCQ/ HappinessCQ/Public SpeakingCQ/ LeadershipCQ/ English n EtiquetteCQ/SuccessCQ)Investment: 2400/-Book now offer: 1200/-
  • Sanjeev Datta PersonalityRich Success Seminar 5SkillsIn1 (own your success)Investment: 5500/-Book now offer: 3500/-
  • Viram Datta PersonalitySmart Success Seminar 3SkillsIn1 ( get the edge)Investment: 3500/-Book now offer: 2500/-
  • Tailor made PersonalitySmArt certificate Workshop(a) Public SpeakingSmArt(b) LeadershipSmArt(c) Interview Success SkillsSmArt(d) Etiquette n MannersSmArt

    (e) Time managementSmArt

    (f) RejuvenationSmArt

    (g) Tailor made SmArt workshop

    Investment: 3500/-

    Book now offer: 2500/-

  • SD Skills Enhancement Short/fast track certificate program with Confidence Booste(a) Public Speaking Course. Speak to influence(b) Leadership Development Course. Lead to succeed(c) Rejuvenation & Motivation Course. Relax-refresh-replenish-achieve.(d) Modelling & Pageant training course. Win in life

    (e) Personality Development Course. Get the edge

    (f) Theatre & Acting Course. Perform at your best

    (g) Emcee & Anchoring Course. Mesmerise the audience

    (h) Motivational Speaker Course. Transform lives

    (i) Etiquette & Manners Course. Rise up & above.

    (j) Image Makeover Course. Impressions matter

    (k) Interview Skills Course. Success warranted

    (l) Negotiation Skills Course.Achieve more

    Course investment & duration are based on Success Skills Assessment.

  • Master of Confidence Personality & Leadership Development certificate program with Personality Transformation System (all Skills in one program)* Course investment & duration are based on Success Skills Assessment.

*Taxes extra as applicable.

*All enrolments subject to assessment.

*Home practise Skills Improvement shall be provided.

*Completion/Appreciation Certificate for all Seminars/Workshops/Courses & Programs

*Free sessions for EWS & special scholarship for needy students under our #MissionToMakeIndiaConfident

Skills bank:

Over 50+Training Topics in our TAM Skills Bank (choose your seminars & courses from below/Tailor made topics can also be added) Our copyrighted & proprietary TAM techniques work on a life long imbibing of Skills. Personal Development, PersonalitySkills, Performance Enhancement,Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Negotiation skills, Expressive ability, Leadership Development, Rejuvenation, Destress, Wellness, Interview Skills, Success Skills, Employability Skills, Team building, Image management, Dress to impress. Soft skills , Time management, Meditation , Voice cleanser, Speech fluency , Speech clarity, Resonance, Correct Breathing, Body language, Posture & gestures, Social Skills, Etiquette & Manners, Relationship management, Environment adaptation, Organisational Skills, Self confidence, Self Esteem, Initiative Builder, Negativity thought buster, Emotional intelligence, Theatre skills, Stage compering, Anchoring Skills, Video facing, Focus & concentration, Mic handling, Stage basics, Exposures, overcoming hesitation, shyness, self doubt, inhibitions, complacency, complexes & stage fear, Formal protocols, Dining & social graces, Feel Positive Skills, Motivation, Saying No with ease, Behaviour sciences, Cognition Skills, Observation Skills, Develop inherent potential, Hone natural instincts, Nurture Talent, English Theatre, English LWSR Skills, Conditioning belief systems, Building mental strength for competitions, Curriculum development, Reasoning skills, Debating , Group discussions, Imagination skills, Broader Perspectives, Drama therapy Character building, acting, Train the trainer, Optimise Competition performance etc.


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