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Age – 22

Profile- Student of suraj mal college pursuing BBA

By personality advisor- Miss Sakshi came with her parents and from the facial expressions one could make out that she was forced by her parents to come. Then during the assessment she was able to realize that she was low on environment adaptation she could not start a conversation on her own since her voice quality was weak. The body language was good but body responses were a little slow. After carrying on the conversation about herself there came a point when she started crying indicating that her emotional quotient was low.
Outcome- She transformed from a shy girl to a bold person as she started a fashion society in her college too. She became emotionally stable and was able to manage her emotions and expressions.
Miss Sakshi Ahuja: My journey at Sanjeev Datta personality school has been very fruitful. Eventually i changed so much so that now I feel I really can be someone some day, I just feel happy when I come here. This place has some magic and I feel confident and good about my self.

Age – 30

Profile- House wife

By personality advisor When she first came to us she seemed like a very shy and hesitant person. She was not able to make eye contact, wasn’t expressive at all. When i asked her why she had come to us she said she had her child with us for 2 years and her child had improved a lot so she decided to get herself enrolled with us in the adults program as she herself had a lot of inhibitions and was tired of being a housewife and wanted to start something on her own but lacked courage. She wanted to carve out her individuality and stand on her own.
Outcome- Now Miss Sonali is a much more confident personality and does not shy away from any opportunity. On the work front she is now a successful and certified edupreneur and has her own business at East Delhi by the name of the wisdom tree.

Age – 36 years

Work profile- social worker (ex media professional)

By personality adviser- Mr Parvez Alam Khan walked in with a weak body language as if he was a little skeptical of coming to Sanjeev Datta Personality School. Once i started a conversation with him i realised that he had an excellent voice quality but inspite of having a strong voice i could see that he was hesitant as the right dialect and diction was missing. His communication skills had to be worked upon in order to make use of his strong voice. I convinced him that all he had to do was believe in himself and together we could bring about the change that he was looking for and his skepticism was gone.
Outcome- Mr Parvez Alam Khan is now a confident individual and can face an audience without any fear whatsoever. There was a drastic change seen in his body language as it wasn’t lethargic anymore.
Mr Parvez Alam Khan: Ever since i started taking these classes i carry the “i can do it” attitude with me. I feel that now i am much more expressive and my body language has improved. With the result i feel much more confident about myself and do no fear facing an audience.

Age – 38 years

Work profile- Homemaker
Educational qualification- Fashion designing

By personality advisor- By looking at Mrs Saba one could easily make out that she was bored by the monotony in her life and wanted to carve out a different individual than what she was. To do this she needed to believe in herself and that was a task as there was a lot of self doubt. Her expressions were missing and was speaking with a blank face. The body language was dull too.
Outcome- Mrs Saba Minhaj is now a happy individual and does not feel any hesitation. She tries to speak in english which proves that the self doubt is no more there. During the course of the program she was given a lot of tasks like reading stories, giving a speech to two people. To bring out the individuality she was told to design a dress for herself. Through Theatrical Action Method meditation she was given techniques to keep calm and relax.
Mrs Saba Minhaj: By doing this course i feel very good and relaxed. My expressions have improved and i feel happy. I have become more confident and now i try to speak in english even if i am wrong.

Age – 15 years

A student of class 9th of modern school, vasant vihar.

By the personality advisor- When Nilanjana walked in for the assessment one could make out that she was forced into coming to us by her mother. It was very clear that Nilanjana had no intentions of coming. After creating a rapport with her, we started talking about her strengths and weaknesses in order to assess her. To my surprise what i saw was that this girl had to potential to be the headgirl of her school but all her potential was subdued by peer pressure and performance pressure. She had a very clear english dialect and was intellectual too. Low expressive ability, stage fright and consciousness were a her few shortcomings but they weren’t something that couldn’t be rectified. I knew for a fact that this girl would shine for sure. So knowing that i suggested her a 6 months program as all we needed to do was awaken her potential.
Outcome- Within just a few classes Nilanjana got receptive to our methodology and had already started participating. One could see the joy on her face when she would succeed in acing a module. Eventually she started expressing herself in a positive manner, stopped getting conscious in front of others and wasn’t afraid of performing on stage either. She excelled in anchoring which gave her a boost and had almost reached where she wanted. She was given the opportunity to mentor other kids to realise her leadership skills which showed her that she always had it in her.
By Nilanjana- I’ve seen a drastic change in myself in just six months. Bringing about a change in your personality isn’t like shooting fish in a barrel. It takes a lot of diligence, hard work and patience which the Sanjeev Datta Personality School’s team very well possesses. Hats off to them.

Age – 42 years

Work profile – Vice President(top national bank)

By personality adviser- Speaking to Mr Rahul Madan one could make out that he was a highly intellectual man. His ultimate goal was to completely shift his profession from a corporate banker to a motivational speaker. But to become a motivational speaker there were areas that needed improvement since his expression, body language and voice quality were a little weak for which he opted for a full term program. After just a few weeks into the program it was clear that Mr Rahul Madan was a very quick learner. He was easily able to grasp all the techniques that were taught to him.
By Mr Rahul Madan- The journey was enriching, exhilarating and rewarding. The benefits in my personal and professional life were tangible and far- reaching. Very helpful for me in getting closer to my dreams. The techniques used were practical, engrossing and effective.
Outcome- There is a clear cut difference in Mr Rahul Madan’s personality. He is now much more confident and can easily express his emotions and feelings. He has become so spontaneous that whatever topic you run his way he’s able to effectively communicate on that. Infact under Mr Viram Datta’s guidance he has already video recorded his training sessions on a few topics and plans to shift his profession from a corporate banker to a motivational trainer soon.


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