The old proverb goes something like, “It’s all about who you know.” This argument, which often predates the advent of the Internet, is used to justify the hiring of the boss’s cousin or the promotion of the CEO’s golfing buddy to vice president. However, studies suggest that personal and professional networks are the most valuable assets when it comes to landing a job. In this article, we will discuss the top social networking skills which can make big difference in making useful social networks.

Whether you’re switching professions, changing careers, or just trying to get ahead, the people you know can make a major difference in your success. Your social network consists of everyone you know, everyone they know, and so on.

Putting forth time and energy to build and sustain connections with others online is what we mean when we talk about “social networking.” This can be done in person at events like conferences or the gym or digitally through platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. The goal of social networking is to advance your career by leveraging your existing network of contacts, both professional and personal.

What Social Networking Skills are Needed to be Successful? 


1. Communication Skills:


Communication Skills, top social networking skills


Communication skills are essential for making new friends and retaining the ones you already have, as well as for constructing a solid social network. In addition to this, they teach you how to take care of your own needs while maintaining a respectful attitude toward the needs of others.

People are not born having good communication abilities; rather, they are developed via trial and error and consistent practice, just like any other talent! Communication is a soft skill that takes time to develop. However, taking the help of a top soft skills coach can reduce the time taken to effectively learn it. You should consider honing your skills in nonverbal communication, conversational skills, and assertiveness while speaking.



online communication skills



2. Active Listening Skill:


Active Listening Skill


Active listening entails paying attention to the speaker and responding to what they say with consideration. To engage in active listening, one must pay close attention to the speaker, process what they are saying, think about how to reply, and remember what was said. This maintains participation from both parties in the debate.

The listener needs to demonstrate their understanding by nodding, making eye contact, or staying still to avoid distracting behaviors like fidgeting and pacing, all of which are examples of active listening practices. Showing active listening shows that you are paying attention and is an important skill to make the other person feel important and keep them engaged. Personality development classes are very effective in helping to develop active listening skills.


3. Public Speaking:


Public Speaking


Confidence in front of an audience is crucial when trying to make a social connection. It shows your confidence in engaging a larger audience and shows your authoritative stance. People are attracted to both confident and authoritative personalities. While speaking in public, one must keep a physical presence that is engaging and dynamic while keeping eye contact with the audience. One must Rely on memorization to avoid sounding like they’re reading from notes during a speech. Vocal variety for emphasis and variety of presentation and creating an orderly structure for an oration are other important factors in public speaking.





4. Empathy Skills:


Empathy Skills, top social networking skills


The ability to feel and understand the feelings of another person is what we mean when we talk about empathy. It’s an essential life skill that everyone should have. Empathy can be seen as the foundational social ability that allows for the development of other interpersonal abilities. It aids in empathizing with people, forming meaningful connections, demonstrating compassion, making responsible decisions in social situations, and fostering long-lasting friendships. Therefore, empathy skills rank 4th on the list of top social networking skills.


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5. Positive Mindset:


Positive Mindset


Having a positive mindset is essential for every interaction to mature into long-term relationships. No one likes a negative person amidst them. Having a positive attitude makes it easier to deal with the challenges that life throws at you daily. Your life will become more upbeat as a result, and it will be simpler for you to resist worrying and thinking negatively. If you make it a way of life for yourself, it will bring about positive changes that will make your life happier, brighter, and more successful. Having a positive attitude is an essential skill to have to foster good social network skills.


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6. Email Reply Skills:


Email Reply Skills, top social networking skills


In modern times, an email has taken the place of formal paper letters. Be it an appointment letter, offer letter, or even at the time of resignation. All formal communication goes through emails. It makes sense to have robust email etiquette to build better networking relationships. Writing emails properly, clearly, and concisely is desirable in the corporate atmosphere. It shows that you care since you take a meticulous effort in email responses. It is a good skill to have to improve social networks.



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In Conclusion: 

These are a few top social networking skills to practice, which can be beneficial in making meaningful social connections and expanding your network of acquaintances.


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