Etiquette is defined as behaving correctly and politely. Humans are social beings, thus they must adhere to certain social etiquette rules that make interpersonal relationships easier. Social etiquette refers to the behavior you use in social circumstances, such as interactions with family, friends, coworkers, or strangers. To coexist and live in harmony, we are supposed to obey social rules. Social etiquette is also termed as the behavior you resort to in social situations. How others view and treat you is influenced by social etiquette. It can assist you in making long-lasting impressions that foster trust and reliance. Good social etiquette not only aids in the development of long-term relationships but also aids in the creation of lucrative chances. We practice different kinds of social etiquette depending on the situation we are in.



Social Etiquette Rules to Practice: 


  1. When you Enter a room, Greet everyone:


When you Enter a room Greet everyone, social etiquette rules


Humans are social animals, they need people around them, they like to be acknowledged. Nobody likes to be ignored. When you enter a room, greet the people you know and introduce yourself to the people you don’t know. This helps in forming social relationships. Following this will help people remember you, this will help form strong social connections and bonds.


2. Be Punctual: 


Be Punctual


Always arrive on time, don’t make other people wait for you. Always value other people’s time, if you want people to value your time, you should value theirs too. Being punctual shows your professionalism, it helps you make a great impression on people. Doing this will make sure people take you seriously. Try to arrive five to ten minutes beforehand, punctuality is a sign of respect and professionalism.



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3. Avoid Using Cell Phones: 


Avoid Using Cell Phones


When you are in a social environment or public, ensure that you avoid using your phone, learn to be present in the environment, socialize with the people around you rather than using your cell phone. Also, put your phone away while eating, this will help you concentrate on your meal and focus on the people you are having a meal with. You won’t be distracted and be physically and mentally focused.


4.  Always say Please and Thank you:


Always say Please and Thank you, social etiquette rules


These are the basic rules taught to us in personality grooming classes. These values are incorporated in us from a very young age. Saying please and thank you will portray your politeness and people will like to talk to you and would be interested in getting to know you. People find these words hard to say, but these words work wonders.



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5. Be Observant: 


Be Observant


Notice everything around you, learn new things about others via observing them. Notice people’s outfits, special care they have taken over their hair, nails, observe them and compliment them on it. Notice if someone is being uncomfortable at any point and make sure you talk to them and make them feel comfortable.


6. Maintain Eye Contact: 


Maintain Eye Contact


Always look at the person who is speaking to you, it shows you are focused. Maintaining eye contact is a quality of a good listener. This helps the speaker know you are paying attention to them and makes them interested in having a conversation with you.


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7. Let People get off the Elevator first Before you get on: 


Let People get off the Elevator, social etiquette rules


Stand at one side and let the people inside the elevator get out and then you get in or else it’s going to create confusion. Following this etiquette will help in avoiding chaos and people won’t get delayed due to the confusion and mess.





8. Smile: 




Always smile when you create eye contact with each other. Smiling will make you look approachable. Putting up a simple smile makes your day as well as others’ day better too. Seeing you smile can get other people to smile too. We always see little kids smiling, this is because personality development for kids focuses on the smiling factor and teaches them to young kids to make them feel happy.



9. Practice Table Manners: 


Practice Table Manners


Push your chair in when you leave your table, wait until everybody has been served then start eating, this is a sign of respect. Learn to be a good dinner guest, follow your table etiquettes and remember your table manners, this will portray your impression on other people around you.



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10. Learn to Say Sorry:  


Learn to Say Sorry, social etiquette rules


Be the bigger person and learn to apologize when it’s your fault. This will help smooth things over, even if it’s not your fault, be the bigger person and say sorry this will help you maintain your social relationship.


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Learning social etiquette rules will help people manage and behave appropriately in a social environment. This will define people’s behavior and identity. People will judge and treat you based on your social etiquette, therefore it’s essential to learn social etiquette as human beings are social animals and they are around people all the time, so they must possess these etiquettes.


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