Childhood is a time when children are unaware of what is being done to them. If only we care enough to look outside our garden of roses, we will find innumerable cases of childhood abuse in ways that can send a shiver to our spines. Various surveys have indicated that such kinds of cases are prevalent in almost all sections of society whether we are talking about the poor people or the ones with all the riches. This can have severe mental effects on the children and can end up giving them a lifelong struggle with various kinds of feelings. Thus, it becomes vital for parents to know various tips to prevent child abuse and make sure that their children or the ones they know are not going through something other than playful days of childhood.


Knowing Tips to Prevent Child Abuse: 

Child abuse, if prolonged for a long period of time and left unrecognized or unaddressed can turn into lifelong trauma and most likely end up in some kind of mental disorder.



  1. Behavioral Patterns: 


tips to prevent child abuse, behavioral patterns


Child abuse can take place almost anywhere, schools, homes, restrooms of a mall, a public place or just name it. And one of the most common effects of the same is the change of a child’s behavior towards various things they do. Most commonly a child who is undergoing some abuse or once was a part of it tends to become reticent and lethargic. They do not feel like playing or interacting with others. In addition, such children also avoid making eye contact with others or they become highly irritated with little to little things. There might be many other peculiar signs that parents might consider looking out for and then consider opting for a psychologist and best personality development trainer for growth and improvement.



types of abuse



2. Be Loving: 


be loving


As a child out of everything that you needed your parents for, what was one thing that you needed the most? Of course, the simple and the straight answer is love and care. Being a parent does not mean that you only have to look after children, pay their bills, and buy them castles, but it also means that you are highly considerate of the time that you are spending with them. Most of the parents these days do not have time and thus, their kids can be quite left out and whether you realize this or not, this can be quite dreadful for them on a mental level. Thus it becomes that as a parent you are always looking out for children but more importantly, you need to make sure that your kids are feeling loved and cared for almost all the time. That’s the most important job.



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3. Make them Self-Aware: 


make them self aware, tips to prevent child abuse


It is quite understandable that you cannot teach kids all the ways to protect themselves in places where they are alone or where they are not with their parents. There is only a limit where a child can learn. But we can always teach our children to be a little aware and what they can do in case they are facing some sort of abuse. Firstly, teach them to scream when they are unsafe, this always works. Then make them feel comforted enough to communicate in any kind of wrong is being done to them. The best personality skills mentor can always help them to learn all this and be a more dynamic version of themselves.





4. Get Involved: 


get involved


It is quite understood that as parents you are too busy making sure that your children have a comfortable life and they have everything that they desire. But it does not mean that you only fulfill their material need but also get involved in their lives as much as you can. Always spend if not much at least one hour with them on a routine basis and learn about their whereabouts and all the new updates. Make them feel that they are loved and looked after no matter what. This is more important than you think it to be.



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5. Look out for Signs: 


look out for signs, tips to prevent child abuse


Sometimes children who are going through some sort of child abuse try to keep it quiet. But as a parent that it is your job that you look for little signs and all. Having marks on their body is not the only way there could be many other that tells a lot. In addition, make sure that you perform a kind of inquiry about them within their friend circle and know how they are acting with them. Ask teachers and other people. All of this can be indicative of a lot.


self esteem activities for kids


Child abuse is something that is happening on a daily basis around you and there is a lot you can do. If you are aware of tips to prevent child abuse it can be quite helpful in making sure that you know what all you can do and how it will help the children.

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