Adolescence is the single most turbulent and rapturous stage of a person’s life. This period is marked by a transition from childhood to adulthood and it is characterized by a number of anatomical, psychological, and emotional changes. Not only this period is challenging for a child but also the parents as it decides the future course of one’s life. Hence, it becomes vital for one to know ‘how to overcome adolescent problems?’


Knowing the Challenges: 


knowing the challenges, how to overcome adolescent problems


Before diving into the solutions for various problems that are faced by the mass, let us first know and thus, become conscious of various problems faced by the children at this transitory phase of life. The onset of adolescence is marked with drastic emotional changes and by some major physical change which varies for both and girls. These hormonal changes are directly linked to one feel, interact and perceive the surroundings. This is followed by the behavioral changes of the child (usually feeling overwhelmed and being impulsive), health problems (lack of nutrition-packed diet), social problems (issues of attraction and social interaction), and enhanced aggression and violent inclination. Many children also indulge in substance use and abuse and spend more time in cyberspace which has a plethora of psychological effects.


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What To Do? 


What To Do


The best way to deal with the various problems is to accept them and with mutual communication and understanding face them together. Conflicts during these times are linearly associated with pubertal maturity.


Here is a list of various solutions on how to overcome adolescent problems: 


  1. Accepting the New Changes: 


accepting the new changes 


Both boys and girls go through major physical changes during this time and this can make them anxious, shy, and grow a feeling of shame. For this, it is vital to teaching them that these changes are normal and every teenager goes through them. In addition, parents must acknowledge the efforts children put in accepting themselves and boost up how they feel. You can also opt for personality development training for holistic growth.



parenting mistakes to avoid



2. The Hurdle of Emotions:


The Hurdle of Emotions, how to overcome adolescent problems


For helping children in accepting the drastic emotional changes remember:


  • Remind them it is okay to feel a certain way.
  • Encourage them to take a sport or indulge in sports activities as it will help in the release of dopamine ( the happy hormone).
  • Listen to them attentively and without judgment. And remember not to disregard how they feel.
  • Share your experience to normalize a certain experience.
  • Indulge them in a creative activity so that they can channelize their emotional thoughts into something budding.


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3. The Complexity Of Psychology: 


The Complexity Of Psychology, how to overcome adolescent problems


If emotions and feelings are not well handled at the age, then it can lead to various psychological problems like anxiety, panic attacks, depression and so.

For this remember: 


  • You always listen to children when they express themselves and never brush off how they feel.
  • How parents live and interact also has a major effect on a teenager.
  • Avoid rushing them into things and activities. Let them take their time in understanding a situation, a feeling, or an emotion.
  • Competition grows during this time and thus it is vital that parents make sure that their children indulge in healthy competition.
  • Finally, tell them that people come and go and ask them not to feel guilty if they have sexual thoughts and feelings. We are humans after all.


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4. Anger, Impulsiveness, and Everything In Between: 


Anger, Impulsiveness, and Everything In Between


With adolescence come a plethora of behavioral changes. Just remember:


  • Teaching your children that what and how they feel now is temporary and it won’t matter how they feel.
  • Avoid criticizing their feelings and actions, as it only deteriorates the situation.
  • Intervene in a situation when it is evident that things are going out of hand. Remember not to “over-intervene”.
  • You can consider looking for the best personality development mentor and seeking advice.



personality development training


5. Substance Use and Abuse: 


Substance Use and Abuse, how to overcome adolescent problems


It is a child’s play to lure teenagers into activities that are self-destructive. For avoiding such issues :


  • Keep a close on your child’s behavior and look out for erratic or unusual moods and habits.
  • Gain their trust and try to intervene calmly and slowly.
  • It is a good step to ask a health professional to intervene at an early stage rather than waiting for things to improve on their own. They won’t.



life skills for children



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6. The Coming of Health Issues: 


The Coming of Health Issues


There is no other period other than adolescence when a body needs a proper diet. An absence of it can lead to various issues. Thereof, remember:


  • Ensure that you provide them with nutrition-packed food, as they constantly hop from one activity to another.
  • Consciousness about their body can result in eating disorders. Make sure you assist them in avoiding that.


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7. Talk about Sexual Health: 


Talk about Sexual Health


One of the major effects of hormonal changes in the development of sexual feelings and it is vital to educate children about them. Remember:


  • Children already receive sex education at school. But as a parent, make sure you teach the importance of consent and also safe sexual practices.
  • In addition, also teach the dire consequences of unprotected intercourse and impulsive indulgence in sexual acts. Despite how hard the conversation is to pick up.


Parents play a vital during the period of adolescence and knowing “How to overcome adolescent problems?” can help them in guiding their children towards a brighter, educated, and disciplined tomorrow. Just a keep a note of the fact that as important it to set up rules for your children, it is also very important that you maintain healthy communication and set about an air of friendliness so that they will comfortable and doesn’t carry any form of guilt.

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