The finest education for children today is not simply restricted to the classroom but extends far further. Their children’s holistic development is important to their parents, as they want to be competitive in the global marketplace. Parents place high importance on extracurricular activities because of this, and the need for value based education has risen along with academics in recent years.

A person’s personality develops over the course of a lifetime through education, which begins in school. As so, it lays the foundation for everything. Therefore, schools play a crucial role in delivering value based education, often known as “moral education.”

As a result of value based education, a student is equipped with the proper mindset and values to face the world outside of school. It is a process of developing a student’s personality. Among its components are character- and personality development, civic-mindedness, and spiritual-mindedness.

Some individuals believe that a child’s personality is an inborn trait that cannot be created or cultivated. This is not the case. Child personality may be transformed through personality development courses in the best personality development institutes and proper school choices.



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To build a winning personality in a youngster, personality development is necessary. When it comes to a child’s perception and conduct, it may have a profound effect on their attitude. A few of its advantages are outlined in the list below.


  • Student conduct toward instructors and fellow pupils becomes more responsible.
  • As a result, pupils become more disciplined in completing their homework and classwork.
  • In every scenario, they learn how to work with their instructors and other students to achieve a common goal.
  • This helps them develop the maturity necessary for handling any circumstance in class.
  • As the session progresses, the kids grow more focused.
  • It encourages pupils to make their own decisions without hesitating or second-guessing them.
  • It cultivates a positive mindset and an optimistic outlook.
  • As a result of value education, student-teacher relationships are strengthened.



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Value based education is crucial for a person’s development and for their well-being in a variety of ways. 


Value based education is crucial


  • A good direction is given to the pupils to help them plan their future, and even the purpose of their lives is clarified.
  • It teaches children how to live in a way that is good to themselves and to those around them.
  • Students that get value education become more responsible and reasonable.
  • Their view on life is broadened, and they are better equipped to live successfully as responsible citizens.
  • Student’s relationships with family and friends are also strengthened because of this program.
  • It helps pupils to build their character and individuality.
  • Students that get value education have a positive outlook on life. 


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Value education is embedded in every tradition of Indian culture and is based on Indian philosophy and culture. Educational institutions have a crucial role in promoting value. For value education, the Vedas and Upanishads serve as a source of inspiration. In Ashram’s education during the Vedic period, the Guru requires his sishya to uphold specific ideals throughout his life.

Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Justice, and Liberty are all words that come to me when I think of the words socialist, secular, The Constitution’s ideal conditions are equality, fraternity, individual dignity, and national integrity. These principles must serve as a source of inspiration for our own beliefs.





The Secondary Education Commission of 1952-53 placed a strong focus on the following values in the development of students’ character: 


  • Efficiency
  • Cooperation
  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Good Temper


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The goal of value based Education is for schools to explore good, universal values like respect and honesty, and how to develop and express them via the school curriculum, with the hope that this process would encourage students to exhibit positive values in their daily life. What society now needs is a common values language that is first investigated, comprehended, and imitated in schools; without it, children’s moral and ethical reasoning cannot completely develop. Families and religion used to be the source of ethical thought, but that is no longer the case. Students at a value based school get a deeper grasp of concepts like respect, empathy, fairness, humility, and altruism, and search for ways to incorporate them into their daily life. This experience may serve as a foundation for religious thought for some, while it may serve as a secular code of ethics for others, promoting the foundation of an ethnically biased society.

Value based education is essential for enhancing the quality of education in schools and may have a positive impact on society’s ethical nature. In terms of healthier relationships and greater learning for students, Values Education has had a beneficial impact on school culture. There is also mounting evidence of Values Education’s substantial influence on teachers, such as powerful collegial sharing, altering teaching practice, and improving staff morale. So, we can say that the need for value based education is increasing day by day.


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