Micro expressions are instantaneous, involuntary changes in facial expression. Even when a person’s facial expressions are carefully crafted to conceal their genuine feelings, these involuntary gestures reveal what’s going on within. A person’s genuine emotions can often be deduced by paying attention to their micro expressions, which they have no control over. However, micro expressions occur instantly and typically endure for no more than half a second. They are often misunderstood or ignored completely by the general public. Here we discuss 7 micro expressions to read any person’s inner thoughts.

Micro expressions: Do They Capture Emotion?


Micro expressions: Do They Capture Emotion


The findings of hundreds of studies from different parts of the world indicate that key facial displays of emotion are shared throughout cultures. This robust body of evidence supports the hypothesis that seven basic manifestations of emotion can be read from a person’s face. Humans have evolved seven different facial expressions as automatic responses to various stimuli.

What makes facial expressions so universal is that everyone has an innate ability to read the meanings behind them. However, humans can falsify and regulate their facial expressions to portray different emotions. A minor holdup is to be expected, nevertheless. Micro expressions are seen during the brief pause between the body’s first response and its subsequent control. A person’s micro expressions can be captured with practice, even before their brain registers the change in expression.

Which 7 micro expressions Can Be Read In Any Face?


Seven basic expressions can be read from a person’s face: 


1. Joy: 




  • Lip corner elevation and depression.
  • Depending on the circumstances, one may or may not flash one’s pearly whites.
  • You have wrinkled skin where your outer nose meets your lip.
  • Jutted cheeks.
  • Lower eyelid wrinkles or tightness are possible.
  • Wrinkles around the periphery of the eyes are often called crow’s feet.



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2. Surprise:




  • The arch of the brow rises.
  • The area of skin directly behind the brow is drawn down and taut.
  • Lines go horizontally across the forehead.
  • The whites of the eyes are visible due to the protrusion of the eyelids.
  • Without exerting any force, the lower jaw drops, and the teeth naturally separate.
  • The same set of facial muscles is used across a wide range of expressions. Feelings of happiness are usually very obvious, while those of despair are notoriously difficult to imitate. It may be more challenging to tell the difference between some emotions, such as surprise and fear, especially in very subtle facial expressions.


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3. Sadness:




  • The outer edges of the eyebrows are tucked in, and then the upper ones are raised.
  • Skin creases form a triangular shape between the brows, with the pointy end pointing skyward.
  • Turning down the corner of the mouth.
  • One’s lower jaw being raised.
  • The lower lip begins to curl down.


4. Anger:


Anger, 7 micro expressions


  • The eyebrows are drawn together and down.
  • Lines appear vertically on the skin in the space between the brows.
  • The person has a taut lower lip.
  • Eyes are squinched together or looking intensely.
  • You can make a square with your mouth or pull your lips together hard like you’re yelling by pulling the corners down.
  • There could be an increase in the size of your nostrils.
  • The lower jaw is protruding in this case.




5. Fear:




  • The eyebrows are drawn together in a horizontal arch.
  • In most people, lines on the forehead begin in the center of the face, between the brows.
  • The upper lid is raised and either the upper or lower lid is pulled taut.
  • There is some white showing in the upper part of the eye, but not in the lower.
  • When the mouth is wide open, the lips are drawn back and tightened slightly.

6. Contempt:




  • There is a narrowing of the pupils.
  • Puffed-up lips.
  • Some people have a hint of a smile on their top teeth.
  • The skin of one’s nose begins to crinkle.
  • Jutted cheeks.


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7. Disgust:


disgust, 7 micro expressions


  • Raise the corner of the mouth
  • Raise one eyebrow on the side
  • The person is staring at the person with wide eyes.

Is It Possible to Teach Someone to Read Your Facial Expressions?

The ability to recognize micro expressions of emotion can be trained and learned. Results from various studies show that one can learn to read micro expressions. They also showed that trainees kept the knowledge they gained over time. You can consider joining this personality development course if you want to get better at reading the micro expressions of other people.



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The Value of Understanding Micro Expressions:


The Value of Understanding Micro Expressions


Officers of the law and other security personnel frequently undergo training in reading micro expressions to see through suspects’ false fronts. When it comes to predicting someone’s future harmful intent, micro expressions help separate truth from deception. Security risks, such as a possible terrorist flashing fear before approaching airport security, or liars, such as a flash of astonishment when an interrogator hits it on the mark, can be identified with these talents. A police officer’s ability to read micro expressions, such as fury just before a person pulls out a weapon, can be the difference between life and death.

But detecting miscreants isn’t the only use for reading micro expressions. Anyone interested in developing their emotional intelligence and improving their capacity to spot lies might benefit from this skill. People in many different roles, including business owners, recruiting managers, deal brokers, psychologists, and salespeople, can benefit from learning how to improve their micro expressions.

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Concise Expressions in the Workplace: 


Concise Expressions in the Workplace


Investigating facial expressions on a microscopic level helps guide talks in the business world. Does the customer show shock or disdain when you tell them how much everything will cost? When people express disgust, it’s a sign that you might benefit from offering an additional incentive. Unexpected events may disclose that you are not maximizing your profits. The ability to recognize these subtle emotions can help you make more targeted offers and ultimately seal the transaction. You can take the services of the best soft skills coach to get a fast start in reading these 7 micro expressions.

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Will You Learn to Read The Micro Expressions?


Will You Learn to Read The Micro Expressions, 7 micro expressions to read


Your ability to read people will improve dramatically if you train yourself to recognize micro expressions in addition to body language. The body, like the face, conveys mental and emotional states and goals. If you want to know a person’s true emotions and motivations these are the 7 micro expressions to read and understand.

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