It’s easy to let a lousy attitude win, even though we know it’s terrible for our health and happiness, our relationships, our productivity at work, and our ability to take pleasure in life. Then, if things don’t improve, we might be too hard on ourselves. A sense of hopelessness may result from all of these factors taken together. There can be many causes of negative attitude which may effect your personality.

If we’re having a hard time changing our mindset, it could help to examine the underlying causes with empathy and honesty. When we recognize the potential causes of our distress, we may either take action to improve our situation or seek professional assistance.


1. We Would Rather Not Be Let Down:


We Would Rather Not Be Let Down, causes of negative attitude


Hoping for the best makes us feel too exposed. Like a cornered animal, we feel threatened. Because we have been burned by people and events before, we now “guard” ourselves by always preparing for the worse. We reason that if we don’t hold out hope for a favorable outcome, we won’t be disappointed when it turns out otherwise. Since we lack the emotional maturity to deal with things not going our way, we are quick to dismiss creative endeavors.


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2 Having Negative Role Models:


Having Negative Role Models


Negative role models (perhaps our parents) have shaped our worldview. We’ve adopted their outlook on life and made it our own instead of consciously cultivating our own optimistic, resourceful one. With competent and professional personality development training can help to find positive people to follow.


3. Fear Of Rejection:


Fear Of Rejection


We’d rather not be rejected. We don’t like other people if we anticipate that others will not approve of us. After all, we argue, that if we minimize someone else’s value or attractiveness, it will make any negative statement they make about it seem less harsh. This kind of thinking can be applied to our situation as well. Rather than waiting for someone else to make a joke about how obese they appear in a certain outfit or how clumsy they are, we can make the joke first. This is one of the causes of negative attitude which hampers your personal and professional growth as in this case a person suffers through low self confidence.



steps to act positively



4. We Tend To View The World In Binary Terms:


View The World In Binary Terms, causes of negative attitude


We don’t even try new things because we’re frightened of failing at them. If we can’t win over everyone, there’s no use in trying to win over anyone. This is counterproductive since it can cause us to give up on our goals altogether, including our goal of adopting a more positive outlook, because we may feel like we’ve already failed if we have even one negative thought.


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5. Having Unrealistic Expectations:

Oftentimes, we try to make too many changes at once or have overly optimistic expectations. Then, when we run across trouble, we tend to overreact and perhaps even give up, further cementing our pessimistic outlook.

6. Giving Up At The First Setback:


Giving Up At The First Setback


If we feel uneasy about some task, we dismiss it as irrational and proof of our weakness. As a result, we abandon hope for improvement. We don’t realize that experiencing a wide range of emotions is beneficial. A teaspoon or so of salt is typically called for in cake recipes. Adding half a cup of salt at once would be too much and ruin the dish. Still, some salt is necessary, but only in moderation. Identical reasoning applies to feelings. Aiming to never experience anger, even for a split second, is impractical. The perspective through which we view ourselves, others, and the world, is the most crucial factor. Joining a personality development course helps in developing a wise and optimistic perception.


7. Wrong Perceptions About Negative Thoughts:


Wrong Perceptions About Negative Thoughts


We mistakenly believe that negative emotions such as fear or anger would provide us with the drive and inspiration we need to make positive changes. While intense emotions like anger or fear may cause a temporary increase in heart rate and blood pressure and even spur us to take frantic action, they can harm our health in the long run.





8. Having Less Tolerance:


Having Less Tolerance


We are highly attuned to the expressions of distress, whether mental or bodily. Some of us simply have a lower pain tolerance and are naturally more sensitive than average. This may add to the problems already existing in the world.


9. Suffered Through A Traumatic Experience:


Suffered Through A Traumatic Experience


There has been substantial pain, difficulty, or failure in our lives. This causes a permanent change in our perception of everything in life. We feel that since we have been wronged in the past, all other future experiences in life would also negatively impact us. We shut our minds to positive feelings. We can find reasons to turn all positives into negatives. This is one of the most harmful causes of negative attitude which can effect your mental health.



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10. Fear Of Positive Change:

Since we’ve always been on the receiving end rather than the giving, we have little experience with effecting positive change. As a society, we feel that pointing fingers relieves us of the need to do what we can to make improvements. We fail to consider the fact that “that was then, this is now” and that we may have better resources at our disposal now than we did in the past.


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11. Having A Medical Condition:


medical condition, causes of negative attitude


Sometimes, people have a medical condition that puts them at risk for emotional distress. Depression, lethargy, or a general sense of being overwhelmed may be the result of untreated chronic diseases such as an underactive or hyperactive thyroid or diabetes.

Summing up

Do any of the above seem like they could be the causes of negative attitude in you? If this describes you, seek out the right professional care, or connect with a helpful support group.


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