In the modern days, it is quite easy for most of us to feel overwhelmed by various things which are not under our control. If one is to look at stats then it is easy to understand that today’s generation is more depressed than the one before us. One of the main reasons being, most of us cannot find a way to maintain our happiness and reduce stress. The art of gratitude is one of those methods that makes you happy, feel blessed, and bring abundance to your life. In the preceding paragraphs, we will have a look at 5 ways to practice gratitude and how to practice it on a routine basis can bring you abundant joy.

5 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude:

Being grateful during these days can be pretty helpful for you to find your happiness and being content with all you have in your life. Especially, in these times when we have thousands of reasons for being sad and unhappy, we need to look at all those reasons, howsoever few, that makes us happy and gives a feeling of comfort.



  1. Begin With Journal:


Begin With Journal, ways to practice gratitude


Many time it happens that we cannot express how we feel to other via oral communication and the kind of that unshared thing of weighs us down. Taking out few mins daily to write down how you feel about the day can be quite helpful in releasing your stress and making you comfortable. This also gives you the chance to think about how you felt throughout the day and look for a way to feel happier on a coming day. You can practice writing a journal for a few minutes either in the morning hours or before you go to bed. There are many methods of writing a journal like – you can create a bullet list, write a detailed paragraph, create some cute doddles, ask yourself questions, and the likes. For more on this, you can also opt for top soft skills coach and get in-depth knowledge on the same.



personal development goals



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2. Nature Walk:


Nature Walk


You might have heard from many people that a 30 mins nature walk can do you all the good on both physical as well as the mental level. Nature walk with yourself away from all the technological humdrum can be a sort of meditation. It gives you a lot of time to think and process about your entire day and analyze how you felt throughout the day. The University of California even states that practicing nature walk on a routine basis is equivalent to practicing mindfulness and can have therapeutic effects on the body. When you are on a gratitude walk notice your thoughts and how feel about them. You need to remember during the walk that you are not reaching a destination but look for a solution to a certain problem or just maybe being grateful for all the good things that happened to you throughout the day.


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3. Compliment Others and yourself:


Compliment Others and yourself, ways to practice gratitude


If you look around and see then you may surely find only a handful of people who compliment others for their hard work and services to others. Imagine the last time when someone complimented you over a certain thing you did o just for how you dressed. How did you feel back then? The answer is quite obvious. We need to practice the habit of complimenting others now and then, whether it is a stranger, over little things, or the service they provide. Knowing that you made someone happy will also make you happy. Similarly, there is no harm in practicing the art of self-complimenting over all the hard work you put in.


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4. Bedtime Routine:


Bedtime Routine


Most of us are busy throughout the day because of this work and that and we barely get time to analyze our thoughts and feelings. But nighttime is that time when no one disturbs you and you can introspect as to how you feel and your thoughts throughout the day. Therefore, it becomes quite necessary that during this time you’re set up a routine that can help you to be grateful about various things in your life. Like you may start practicing saying thank yours or a gratitude jar. For more on this, you can also opt for a personality development course and learn more about the same.


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5. Spend Time with those you love:


Spend Time with those you love, ways to practice gratitude


Spending time with people you love is never a waste of time and we all need to learn these things soon. Make sure you take out few hours from your daily routine for the ones you love and appreciate their and your efforts in being together. This will not only make you grateful but also happy.


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Now that you know 5 ways to practice gratitude and how it can change your life, you might soon start practicing it. Understand that practicing gratitude is not something that comes from within, thereof you must make this into a habit.


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