During these hectic times, it becomes quite important that we look for a way to keep ourselves happy and calm. One of the most simple, age-old, and profound methods of doing so is by practicing Mindfulness on a routine basis. Mindfulness is the method of deep introspection of your inner environment and analyzing your feelings and emotions. This can be a very therapeutic manner of healing yourself from the daily humdrum, recharging your batteries, and in some come cases even finding solutions for various problems. Therefore, it is essential to have a look at some of the most vital qualities of mindfulness and various other related aspects.


Qualities of Mindfulness You Must Know:


Remembering the words of Lao Tzu - ” do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?” When you are practicing mindfulness then you are waiting for the right actions to arise by themselves and for the right answers to reach you in the time of need.


Following are some of the vital qualities of mindfulness: 


  1. Observing without Judging:


Observing without Judging, qualities of mindfulness


One of the most vital aspects of mindfulness is connecting with yourself and performing a severe mental introspection of your inner feelings and desires. While you are doing so, this introspection must be free from any sort of self-judgment of good or bad. This is important to do as if you end up getting caught in judgment it means that for that moment you are connected to the material or the outer world and thus, not practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness means taking an active role in considering things, feelings, and emotions as precisely as they are without considering the good or bad side. During this, one needs to observe joy, sadness, lust, curiosity, and anger as they are - thus, having the complete experience. For more on this, you can consider opting for the best personality development instructor.



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2. Acceptance:




Once you have started noticing myriads of thoughts with or without judgment within yourself, it is now the time of complete acceptance of all of it. Now, this is quite difficult for a lot of people as there are many things which are not quite proud of doing or even feeling. This form of acceptance also means noticing when unwanted, unpleasant, or bad thoughts are rising in our minds. One of the most vital aspects of becoming mindful is that not always we are going to experience pleasant and good thoughts and that is okay. If you can sit with yourself with pleasant and unpleasant thoughts then you are surely moving ahead in the practice of mindfulness.


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3. Unbiased Watching:


unbiased watching, qualities of mindfulness


As someone who is practicing mindfulness, you need to be aware that you are not being biased towards certain thoughts and repressing the rest. When you are mindful you do not need to take the side of a particular thought or get stuck with viewing or perceiving the situation in a particular way. Merely because while practicing mindfulness we are also learning how to see the reality for what it is without and not what we want it to be. This attitude while doing mindfulness can be really helpful in coming up with solutions to various problems. For more on this one might also consider opting for personality development training and getting more insight on the topic.





4. Non-conceptual Awareness:


non conceptual awareness


When a mindful person is looking and observing then they are not doing this with the help of their cognitive or reasoning areas they are doing so simply. There is an English term for the word sati (which means mindfulness) and that is bare attention. When you are practicing mindfulness, even though you focus on various things, you are not giving anything your complete or whole attention. Mindfulness means simply sit and observe. It does not get involved in old memories, or get caught up in ideas, nor does it feel the requirement of labeling anything in any way. By practicing mindfulness, we also look at what it is like to see things for the first time.


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5. Being in the present moment:


Being in the present moment, qualities of mindfulness


Although while practicing mindfulness you dwell in observations, it is vital to keep your mind in the present moment. It is needed that you experience and are aware of your breath, various sensations in your body, and also completely aware of what you are reading right now on this page. By practicing mindfulness we have the power of connecting with the present completely and in a whole new way.


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Now that you know and are probably aware of the various qualities of mindfulness, you might start practicing it. During this it is vital to know that it is important to practice mindfulness on a constant and consistent basis without missing even a single day, to see any results. Be patient with yourself while practicing mindfulness.

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