Personality is the characteristic sets of behaviors, cognitions, and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors. In other words, personality is the different qualities of a person’s character that make him/ her different from other people. On the other hand, education is necessary for one’s physical, mental and social development. Education helps shape one’s personality and develops discipline in one’s life. Everybody wants to have a good personality, but a good personality doesn’t come in a blink, it is the result of patience and hard work. You need to nourish yourself both physically as well as mentally, education plays an important role in this nourishment. Let us go through the importance of personality in education for the mental strength of kids.


Importance of Personality in Education: 



  • Helps in Adaptation:


helps in adaptation, importance of personality in education


Personality is termed to be the most general characteristic of individual differences. Personality development should start early in a student’s life, as students are more likely to adapt to things that are taught to them from early stages. Many Psychosocial factors play an important role in shaping one’s personality. School atmospheres leave an impact on shaping kids’ personalities as urban schools are different from rural schools, a child from upper socioeconomic class takes education in international school giving the child exposure to various stimuli which help the overall development of the child. Due to this the child becomes confident, well adjusted, and has a better self-concept, whereas a child from a lower socio-economic class goes to a government school, leading to not that much development due to lack of exposure.



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  • Develops a Strong Personality:


develops a strong personality


Most schools do not provide personality development programs to students, help must be provided for students from rural areas. As teachers are the best personality development mentor a student can have, teachers help shape student personality from a young age resulting in the development of strong and confident personalities. Teachers are capable of shaping young minds, early childhood education is the beginning of development in students, therefore personality education should be taught to them in early childhood itself.






  • Helps in Behavior Management: 


helps in behavior management, importance of personality in education



Personality plays an important role in education. The best personality development school is the one where you learn about ethics, behaviors, and how to gain self-esteem. Personality helps gain a positive impact on one’s communication skills and the way one sees the world. Every individual has qualities that make him/ her different from one another, these unique properties and traits are termed as personality, personality development is a combination of both physical and mental state of mind.



  • Helps in developing Confidence: 


Helps in developing Confidence


Education helps us form a healthy personality by providing appropriate knowledge, gaining knowledge about personality and the difference between a good and a bad personality will help us understand which personality we should develop to succeed in future. Furthermore, education boosts our confidence, knowing makes us feel confident, which leads to forming confident personalities. Education provides us with many opportunities and experiences, a good personality needs opportunities, opportunities can be considered a way of showing your personality, as the more you get exposed to the outer environment the more it helps build a strong personality. Lastly, education teaches us discipline, how one should behave is taught to us in schools, this reflects our personalities, how one behaves, in front of other people shows one’s personality. Education provides disciplines to students which help them behave appropriately in given circumstances which reflects their strong personalities.



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  • Encourages Overall Development: 


Encourages Overall Development



To develop one’s personality, education is necessary. Schools having personality development programs are capable of producing students having strong and healthy personalities, school is a platform where one learns about studies along with life lessons. Which results in one’s overall development and growth. It has been found students having good personalities tend to succeed in life compared to students having average personalities. Therefore, personality plays a vital role in education, as its where a child’s personality is developed. Educating and shaping small minds will lead to their success shortly.


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  • Develops Life skills at Early Age:


Develops Life skills at Early Age, importance of personality in education


Personalities are shaped in early childhood, education helps in shaping students’ identities, a good and helpful teacher leads to a better image and positive self-concept. Having a strong early childhood personality development is necessary as it will shape who you turn out to become shorter. Some life skills develop from an early age which includes self-confidence, public speaking communication skills, listening skills, these things impact you in the future. That’s why to have a strong adult personality you have to work on it from a very early age.



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Sanjeev Datta introduced personality education in India 17 years ago & started his journey with the Bal Bharati Public School chain in New Delhi. He developed his proven, scientific, copyrighted & trademarked TAM-Theatrical Action Method Pedagogy to impart Personality Education & transform lives.


To conclude, the importance of personality in education is important as well as necessary as kids are the future of tomorrow, this is the reason importance of personality education for kids should be taken more under consideration, as kids are the future of the country, having strong confident kids, leading the country would be a great vision. To bring this vision to reality, the importance of personality education for kids should be given more attention, personality development programs should be arranged for kids every school should have these programs associated in their curriculum, rural as well as urban schools should have personality development programs which would include personality development exercises to give kids exposure and help shape them into confident adults. As Albert Bandura said, “Personality is largely shaped through learning.”


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