Some kids are generally confident, comfortable, and positive little angels, who have no difficulties obtaining friends at school. Sadly, however, many are troubled with self-doubt and are filled with negativity inside. Over the years through education, they have been many times, cases of dozens of concerned parents who tell that their kids often put themselves down, stating things like “I’m not that good at certain things or I’m not good at anything!” or “No one in class likes me”. These kids tend to be comparatively shy than the rest of the children and an introvert by the character they often seem miserable and unhappy about certain things. It’s very saddening for the child and of course, the parent. But if your kid is assuming or feeling that way then there are certain things that you can be done to help him out. So here we are listing best 4 confidence building activities for kids that will help your kid in being more positive and energetic in every phase of his life.


  • Why confidence is important for your child:  


Why confidence is important for your child, confidence building activities for kids


  • Self-confidence is not something which is given. It is taught through our environment and circumstances.
  • Self-confidence is about embarrassing the weakness and empowering your strengths.
  • Expressing yourself more is another way to show self-confidence.
  • By acting a bit more confident in difficult situations, anyone can surely transform their life from inside out.


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Confidence can occur spontaneously to some children, but for some, creating and being positive and seeing themselves as energetic and able human children, can be a bit arduous task. The expressions we apply and the mindset we instill in our kids can assist in building self-confidence in our children. Here are some manageable confidence building activities for kids that can be employed even now.


1. Positive Statement with the activity: 


Positive Statement with the activity


There are quite some types of positive statements activities which have a huge impact on self-confidence. You can commence the process of the activity by completing certain tasks such as writing prompt answering some queries. Here are some of the questions you can ask some of the kids to prompt them to understand themselves and gain confidence:


  • Asking what are the five things which you like about you?
  • What have you tried?
  • What is it that you have failed?
  • Describe some significant things you have done for someone else.
  • The strengths you have along with?


After doing some of these questions, make sure you reflect on them, you can even assist the kids to develop each other’s confidence.


This can last till every child has achieved the activity and have reflected well even if the children can’t reflect well, they can still understand, it can even be made into public service to help out some people. This will not only create empathy but will build confidence among the children.


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characteristics of gifted children



2. Make List of goals to be achieved among the children: 



Make List of goals to be achieved among the children


As a parent make sure you sit down with your child and brainstorm ideas together about various goals and the strengths that focus on positive activities as said above, this will lead to the empowerment of the child and learn to be more confident.


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3. Make sure you have time for each other: 


Make sure you have time for each other


Adjust Time and make sure there is enough time for both you and your child to play. Children of all generations study through play and interactions with others. As a parent, you would be the first friend for your child, “playmate” basically which means you would be the first person to help your child develop all the necessary skills required to develop a strong sense of self.

By being completely present through play, spending time collectively with your child, being outdoors with him playing or talking about the universe, or just relaxing in the park and browsing through their preferred book, you show your kid that they are important and reliable of your time. And when your child feels appreciated and encouraged, they are more prepared to catch on life’s difficulties. This is one of the best confidence building activities for kids to create a feeling of strong confidence in your child.


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self esteem activities for kids




4. Teaching Personality development: 


Teaching Personality development


They have been quite a few studies that state that personality development for kids is an excellent way to build up confidence in our little chaps. So, making sure self-confidence is adequately taught through the methods in institutes is an essential character.



personality development for kids



Why Self-Confidence Is Essential for Kids?

The world today is ambitious and seeks further from every child. Children with positive self-confidence consider positive about their abilities and the elements of their skills that can be achieved by just being true to themselves and confident. They appreciate and value themselves and their skills. They are self-supporting and independent of the principle they can do and strive to achieve their best even at such a meager age.

In this situation, your child needs to achieve greater than the others and this is by employing personality development skills with encouragement from; us the parents. Without precise education and skills, winning is not easy.

Our programs on personality development for kids focus on instilling such a concrete and indomitable form of confidence in a child that can never be erased, no matter, how difficult life becomes.