How many of you still wonder that curiosity killed the cat? But things might change when you know how experts state that curiosity might have saved the cat. One of the most vital things in our life is curiosity as it is the most basic thing that drives us to explore new things and learn about the same. As adults, we all are stimulated or being asked to stay curious now and then, but it is equally important that we do the same with children and make sure that we keep their curiosity whet. In this go-to-go guide on how to encourage curiosity in a child, we’ll go through some of the expert-proven ways of encouraging curiosity and the importance of doing so.


Knowing How To Encourage Curiosity in Child:


Dr. Seuss once made a very important remark about curiosity saying, “ think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, things you can think up only if you try.” Thus curiosity is a doorway to things that are not so usual.



  • Mix up the Routine: 


Mix up the Routine, how to encourage curiosity in child


You do not have to teach children anything about curiosity because they are naturally an explorer always trying to do something new. Thus, experts say that during the early year it is vital that the children have a routine that they can follow. This routine must include various kinds of activities that teach them something new and also whet their sense of curiosity. Further, it is also important that parents or teachers keep changing this routine now and then to stimulate their minds. It is not necessary that the changes that you do must be something hard to follow. Make sure they are easy to adapt and follow. For instance, you can change the bathing soap of the children so that they can learn about new textures or you can include some activity that was not there before. These little changes are highly beneficial.


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  • Show them Around: 


Show them Around


You must have seen how excited children get when they are being told that today they will go out shopping or a dine out. This is because of the natural sense of curiosity as the mind readily understands that they are going to see something new and thus the excitement. It is vital that parents take their children out at least once a week or maybe two to show them around teach various new things. During such little detours parents should point out various new things and talk about them to children.



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  • Encourage Natural Inclination: 


Encourage Natural Inclination, how to encourage curiosity in child


Nothing is more adorable than seeing children go about in the playground and fields freely and exploring everything with the soil and very often covering themselves in the same. If your child is interested in exploring something that is a part of nature then you must allow him or her to do so. Let them go around and see what’s under that rock or on that branch or where do the roots of the giant oak tree leads to and more. Yes, during this you must keep an eye on them but make sure you do not keep interrupting so often that children become annoyed and stop doing it completely. For more on this, you can also opt for the best personality development school and get more insights on the same.


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  • Encourage Prompt Thinking: 


Encourage Prompt Thinking


Children, as a very common observation, are always full of a lot of questions about this or that or something they saw on the bus back home. And it is vital that rather than shushing them down parents answer as many questions as possible and also ask them more. Whenever your kid asks a certain question from you it is always a good idea that you ask the thought behind that question and ask them more questions about the same. This will help in developing prompt thinking. For more on the same, you can also look for personality development skills.


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  • Encourage them to Take Music: 


Encourage them to Take Music, how to encourage curiosity in child


Most of the parents always think of putting their kids in a music class or so but they end up doing nothing mostly because they do not have a solid reason. So here it is – we all use only one side of our brain at a time while doing some kind of activity or work. But music is the only thing that allows you to use both sides of your brain at the same time and thus, stimulate that function of the brain. This tends to positively affect both the areas of the brain and also assist in their development.


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It is very crucial that as parents or guardians you are of how to encourage curiosity in a child so that your child grows more dynamically and radically. This is also important for their future endeavors.


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