Mindfulness can be defined as a way of doing a keen introspection of one’s own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This has been proven to be one of the most meditative techniques that can help in reducing stress, bringing down the level of anxiety, and in some cases also helping others with depression. When you are someone who is practicing mindfulness it is vital to remember that you need to cut yourself off from the material world and spend as much time as you can with yourself and know more about yourself. For understanding the importance of mindfulness, let’s read about the crucial pillars of mindfulness and why it is vital for one to keep in mind all of this while practicing mindfulness.


The Vital Colonnades: 

When you are building a house one of the vital things is the basic foundation that will support it for the years to come by and help it to sustain itself in various ways. This is also true when you are practicing mindfulness. Your attitude when you practice mindfulness is quite important and is directly related to the outcomes of your practice.


8 Pillars of Mindfulness: 


1. Being Non-judgmental:


Being Non-judgmental, pillars of mindfulness



We as human beings are quite judgmental towards a lot of things and this can be quite a problem if you are willing to practice mindfulness. Make sure that when you are practicing mindfulness you are not being impartial to other people or the way you experience certain things. To practice mindfulness at an optimum level it is quite vital that you step back from the habits of judging other things and take a step back from this habit.


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2. Patience:




Mindfulness is not a pill that you pop in your mouth, flush it down with a glass of water, and then boom you feel the results. On the other hand, mindfulness is a patient practice of not merely a few weeks but of months. You cannot just with the various steps and expect some results at the end of the day. You might start mindfulness training with a certain expectation and hope to achieve them in a few months. But once the process they have started you need to let go of the desire of rushing with things and just take your time with the entire process. For more on this, you can consider opting for the best personality development mentor and consider getting insight on the same.


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3. Being a Novice:


Being a Novice


During the course, you might have come across the word mindfulness a plethora of times and must have tried reading or knowing more about it. While in this process you gained a lot of information and knowledge. But it is vital and one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind during mindfulness practice is that you are a beginner and you know nothing about anything. This is vital so as you are not biased against anything and do your best to learn everything. When you sit with a mindset that you know a lot then instead of focusing you start forming a counter-argument.





4. Non-doing:


Non-doing, pillars of mindfulness


Most of the time in our lives we do a certain with an XYZ purpose and that in some or the other keeps us motivated. While doing other activities comes with a sense of purpose, it is vital that you remember that mindfulness is the opposite of doing that is non-doing. In a way, it does work on our energy but in a different way. For more, you can also opt for a personality development course.


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5. Acceptance:




When you sit down to your routine practice of mindfulness then you need to learn how to accept each and everything or at least most of it. When you accept things you are letting them be as they are. In mindfulness make sure you start practicing to accept everything as they are.



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6. Non-attachment:




While you are accepting everything in the process of mindfulness make sure that you are not getting attached to anything and learning how to be free from various types of entanglement. In mindfulness one of the most vital things is to practice non-attachment – that is the technique to let of thoughts.


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7. Present moment awareness:


Present moment awareness


One of the most vital reasons why most of us are sad and anxious most of the time is that we are not aware of the present moment. Mindfulness demands us to be in the present moment.


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8. Being Curious:


Being Curious, pillars of mindfulness


Make sure that when you are practicing mindfulness you are curious about various things and ask yourself a range of questions so as to know more and more about yourself. Remember that when you are practicing mindfulness you are a curious child full of questions.

These 8 pillars of mindfulness should be considered while practicing mindfulness. These pillars are quite important when you are a novice and trying to get better started with the healing and therapeutic habit of mindfulness.


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