Honesty is to speak the truth and live a truthful life. It is a trait that makes one, a man of integrity and different from others. Honesty in a person is the definition of his values and lifestyle. In a professional environment, it is crucial to understand the role of delivering one’s services to the market, with honesty and a feeling of trust. It is a known fact that positive traits in a person are necessary to succeed whether one is Attempting their tasks at a workplace or in their life, but “why is honesty important?” and “How it can make a person better and a loyal employee at a workplace?”.

“Honesty is the cornerstone of all success. Without honesty, confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist.”Mary Kay Ash

It is no wonder that out of all the personality development skills, honesty, and integrity are the most important ones. It makes a regular employee more likely to get promoted or succeed in the current project if he shows honesty towards his work. It is to be truthful with facts, ideas, mind maps, and become open with positive criticism.


The reason why is honesty important can be understood in detail by the following:


  1. Honesty brings out Honesty:


Honesty brings out Honesty, why is honesty important


The one who is leading the whole team, a company, or a whole brand always wants their team to be honest regarding their work. But the journey should start from the center, i.e., the leader himself should show honesty towards their company and with their employees. It is necessary to reflect the truthfulness towards others to receive it back. When leading a team, a team leader shouldn’t forget that members need to believe and trust the information being received from the upper levels. This trust is generated with positive and truthful delivery of ideas and resources with honest communication. Best results are received when the best policy of honesty is implemented in work-life.


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2. Shapes the customer’s Trust:


Shapes the customer’s Trust



To receive trust from customers, you need to show your trustworthiness with service delivery. It is not a milestone to be achieved in a single day, but a ladder to be climbed up every day. In business, when looking for profit is the prime task, one can forget the honesty in the middle. It is essential to hold ethics, trust, and honesty in the service while leading or working for a business. The customer who is satisfied with your service will make an effort to communicate the quality to others as well. This is the result of an honest and truthful bond between an organization and a customer.


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3. Repels unnecessary Conflicts: 


Repels unnecessary Conflicts


When working in any organization or at any professional place, one contributes through sharing ideas and working over them. Sharing of ideas initiates discussions, sometimes resulting in heated arguments. For reaching the desired objective, sometimes these harsh and conflicting situations are necessary, but not all the time. While being honest at work one is supposed to come up with true and factual ideas to proceed with discussions. Whereas some who do not find it good enough might put negative arguments. But as truth and honesty are visible, no one can deny the facts behind the idea presented. Honesty shows the truth and can repel unnecessary and contradictory situations in no time.


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4. Acceptance to better Ideas:


Acceptance to better Ideas


A healthy work environment fosters creativity and motivation. It is not an easy task to stay motivated and bring out shiny ideas when there is no acceptance of honest views. The acceptance of truthful and factual ideas brings out the ease of sharing both positive and negative views within the organization. This environment reflects a feeling of freedom of speech where one knows that he/she will not be judged for what they have, to say.


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5. The Loyalty of Employees: 


loyalty of employees, why is honesty important


Honesty brings a better work culture and a motivating environment. This positivity flow around the workplace makes it easy for the employee to concentrate and contribute better than before. The dedication received from employees plays a role in helping the authorities to payback in the form of monetary and ethical benefits to their employees. All this observation and practice of better work culture helps an employee to put loyalty, trust, and belief in the organization, which one works for. Loyalty is a reward for the honesty and trustworthiness of the company towards the customer and employee as well.


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6. Reputation in the Market: 


reputation in the market, why is honesty important


Honesty placed in the core values of any company with its practical implementation at the workplace contributes to a better reputation in the market. The company establishes trust in the hearts of its customers, fosters better work culture, brings out positivity, and much more, only because of ethics, trustworthiness, and honesty.

Not lying is not being honest, but not hide, live a truthful life can be defined as honesty. One who tells a lie has to find another lie to support it. But it is hard, to be honest, and it is not a task of one day to achieve honesty as one’s core value. Those who want to develop their interpersonal skills and put a step forward to create better versions of themselves should think about enrolling in a personality development course. This step can be fruitful for those who want to enrich their soft skill set and bring out an honest and better lifestyle for themselves. Finding a better way to flourish in today’s work culture can be the reason, why is honesty important not only in the workplace but in personal life as well.