It is an unparalleled experience for everybody during this lockdown period because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost everybody is experiencing a rough period and finding it stimulating to cope with the sudden changes in lifestyle. As the number of Coronavirus patients is increasing, no one believes the government would be lifting off the lockdown any time soon. What’s going on in everyone’s head is the thought to accept the change. Maybe several people pursue a disciplined schedule to invest time in pertinent concerns. Our attempt in this content would be to talk about some top self management skills in lockdown and direct you to manage yourself and your time correctly during this long stay at home span.

Here are some helpful and top self management skills in lockdown:


1. Build a routine: 


Build a routine, self management skills


It is being addressed as unparalleled times, but doctors suggest that constructing a ‘new normal’ or a routine, is the key. Though it might be alluring to have never-ending pajama days, waking up, having breakfast, washing, constructing a time frame, and agenda for the day is really, really crucial.



steps to act positively



2. Mental health support is available: 


Mental health support is available


When looking for assistance in times of the pandemic, support lines are always available. It is very imperative that people don’t lose the vision that support systems are accessible to them. When looking for mental health advice online, it is critical to know where to look. It is very important that people get their info from relevant sources, so chiefly things like the World Health Organization (WHO) are offering truly good direction on how people can self-care, self-manage, and how they can responsibly care for their loved ones. For good mental health, you must focus on developing personality development skills for which you may join online personality development classes.


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3. Avoid information overload: 


Avoid information overload


Having a sense of “detachment” from updates can be helpful. It might be a good idea to set yourself a plan for when you are going to really participate in going through the updates, or when you are going to watch the news – almost going back to the old-style of watching the 6 o’clock news instead of engaging with the 24-hour news cycle.



stress management skills



4. Don’t skip exercise: 


Dont skip exercise, self management skills


Stick with your exercise schedule, as it is very, very important for your mental health. It is very imperative that individuals keep a close sense of what they are permitted to do and also what they may have been forbidden from doing. Like, for example, if people are still able to perform regular exercise, albeit safely. For the authorities which are permitted to go for a walk or jog safely, it is recommended to do so. Alternatively, if you have a garden of your own, use it, or find other ways to include exercise around the house.


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5. Keep up contact: 


Keep up contact


Whether it be through using Skype, Instagram, WhatsApp, or FaceTime, keeping in contact is immensely important and recommended. Being in contact with your social circle, specifically the ones who are the closest to you and certainly anybody who you are worried about who might be vulnerable is the key.





6. Don’t turn to drugs or alcohol: 


say no to turn to drugs or alcohol


Individuals must try their best not to move back to things like drugs or alcohol to manage their well being and mental health. On social media platforms, it seems to be very prevalent to talk about panic buying beer and wine and such. But for a fact, we know that jokes apart, there are possibly detrimental and destructive consequences of trying to use alcohol, drugs, and other substances.


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7. Keeping a healthy diet: 


Keeping a healthy diet, self management skills


In times of great stress, an augmented degree of comfort eating or should we say binge eating must be strongly avoided. However, it can be tough because of the availability of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other food items, it’s extremely important that people avoid junk food and try to eat healthily. That inclination to try and binge on bad foods or comfort-eat, it would be really of some help if people could evade that as much as possible. The key is to try not to lose sight of what is normal, so try and eat normally.





8. Providing children with facts, not rumors: 


Providing children with facts


With schools and colleges closed across the countries and family members working from home amidst a shroud of ambiguity and vagueness, it is a tough time for the children in the house. The best thing, right now would be to try and show extra tolerance and reassure them with the correct facts and figures instead of fake ones and other speculations or rumors. Chiefly for children who are switched on in a digital manner, let them call up their grandparents and get that feeling of social contact. Also, encourage your children to get their info and details regarding the pandemic from sites like the World Health Organization (WHO) rather than social media.

Use your precious time in lockdown prudently, rather than stressing over and feeling anxious, use this time to advance your skills and remain positive. As Napoleon hill quotes “Every adversity brings with it a seed of equal or greater opportunity”. When you think certainly you can get several new chances in life under any situation. We hope these top self management skills in lockdown would offer you an opportunity to participate in life changing skills to persistently accelerate growth.

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