Theatrical Action Method

Modules Under TAM

After 15 years of work and thorough research with students, parents and teachers across schools, colleges and institutes in the Delhi NCR, Sanjeev Datta designed the unique concept of TAM. It is one of its kind methodologies which is arts-based, innovative, scientific, practical and above all – result-oriented.

TAM works towards enhancing observation, cognition and expression in individuals. It’s the tool Sanjeev Datta uses to bring out the personality in people.

Sanjeev Datta, an internationally certified life coach transforms dreams into reality by bringing out the best in his clients. With a mission to make India confident by overcoming any shyness, hesitation and stage fear, Sanjeev Datta’s TAM assures the discovery of A NEW YOU IN YOU

TAM recognition:
Awarded and featured as Trailblazer by The Economic Times in 2012 and Educator in 2013 by Times of India.

Below mentioned are some of the unique concepts and techniques, which are inculcated through TAM –

  • Voice and Speech Sharpener Technique: To improve talk flow, pitch, tone and voice throw.
  • Brain Block Technique: To develop concentration, focus, attention, observation and memory.
  • ELCB(English Literature Course Book): To use an English literature book for developing LWSR ie listening, writing, speaking & reading to enhance communication skills.
  • S.I.O.S.C Concept: To enhance creativity and intelligence in speaking, thinking and writing skills by the use of `sets and scene depiction` by developing imagination and observation for cognitive and analytical skills and to develop the neuro-visual coordination.
  • S.O.U.R Effect: To create rhythm, body balance, energy regulation, de-stress, 8 dance beats and positive body language.
  • S.S.S Concept: To enhance creativity and intelligence through storytelling, scriptwriting and skit presentation.
  • Social and Environment Adaptation Concept: To be able to adapt positively to changing situations, circumstances and individuals.
  • P.P.P.P Module: Based on Prepare, Practice, Participate & Perform with passion at home/work/school/in house stage shows/auditions.
  • Etiquette, Mannerism & Social Behavior Concepts: To improve table manners, grooming, conversation skills, formal behaviour, social etiquettes, telephone etiquettes etc.
  • C.O.A- Concentration of attention:  To improve concentration, attentive span, focus, observation.
  • Circle Practice Concept: To develop observation, team spirit and sportsmanship.
  • Media Broadening Reporting Concept: Through the use of Video camera with mic.
  • TAM Meditation: To relax,de-stress the soul, mind & body. Instil positivity.
  • Expression, Emotions & Faces Concept: To improve face expressions & mind control.
  • Imagery Concept: To improve imagination.
  • Energy Regulation Breathing Technique: To channelize the energy constructively in positive spheres.
  • Archive Monologues- Dialogues- Prologues: Drama therapy to improve neuro-muscular-speech coordination cum voice culture.
  • Public Speaking: Stage Compering and anchoring module, Speech enactments concepts.

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