A person is termed civilized not only because of the knowledge he/she depicts but also because of the amount of poise and perseverance one shows while interacting with society. Education not only looks after the textual knowledge but explores your personal choices and assists you to groom them. Education is more than just gearing up for exams after every session and being content with the results you get, in fact, it has everything to do with your personality and perception. The role of education in character building has been associated with academics since time immemorial but with the passage of time, it has lost its essence. People have forgotten the benefits and blessings education can bestow other than just giving away information.

The times are such that education is just to derive the academics portion of it and ignore the all-around development that comes with it. If anyone is to be blamed here, it is the fast generation that demands only results with little to no significance to the process. The way human values are designed, a person is expected to be cordial and sensible towards the social injustices just because he/she holds high qualifications in their academic sectors-which is now proven to be a myth. Even though we say that there is a huge role of education in character building, it would be considered invalid without the equal participation of both the teacher and students.


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The things learned in school and other higher educational institutions do not go in vain, the only thing that is required is understanding the hidden concept that it is trying to convey more than just fetching your marks. Education has commercialized to an extent it is beyond repair but what could be done to lessen the damage is to induce a more humanistic curriculum and approach to quench the needs of the society. So, children will not only get the best educators to teach them about textual knowledge but will also get to know the values and ethics to be a nice person.



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soft skills in education


Education previously targeted solely on a person’s social etiquette and code of conduct and his/her responsibility as a human being to the world. The gurukuls in ancient times tested their social responsibility and awareness that help them communicate better with the society and take initiatives in the future whenever required like a leader for the people. How much can they give back to society and what sort of role model can they be to them. It is to understand that these emotions are more practical than they seem. The stability that is brought by education can barely be found anywhere else. Kids are at a vulnerable stage at school and these ideas can be imprinted in them for eternity hence shaping their ideologies and personalities.



A child no matter how young is judged on the level of his/her educational interest and qualification, not to test their knowledge on it but their degree of curiosity and inquisitiveness towards learning something new. This determines their future ventures and interests that would further dictate their life choices. For e.g.: the problems in arithmetic are sometimes tough to solve, so the student practices till he/she gets it right, tries to memorize the dates in history, which they have been unable to previously, so they learn new technics to memorize them, which shows the undying faith and attitude of such students who do not give up with just one failure. Such attitudes and mental strengths add to the personality development of kids and help them grow as successful people in the future.

However, all this while the process and the efforts that the child indulges in to get the right answer is unidentified which creates all the dilemma of the current generation and lack humanistic approach. The recognition of these efforts by the educational curriculum will not only encourage the students to do better but will help them navigate their future energies in a productive way.



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personality development for kids



The introduction of personality development course in school curriculums is a huge step and change against the conventional way of education where the goal was to just fetch maximum marks at the end of each academic year. With grooming lessons on confidence building, social etiquette, the role of life, and soft skills in education and other areas, students have become much more aware of their rights and duties along with studying.



shaping ideologies and personalities


Personality development for kids along with regular education will not only increase their interest in education but also international relations, politics, socio-cultural dimensions, and many more. It taps the undiscovered areas of the students by helping them coming to terms with those and helping them to make good choices in the future. This makes them realize that knowledge can be derived from every experience and aspect of their lives and not just books, thereby increasing the job of academics and their role of education in character building. This is to realize that anybody can be educated with the help of books but we require a teacher to impart the knowledge and help us relate it with everyday values so that they shape and nurture the pupils who will take on the future on behalf of them.