Appearing in front of interviewers who, you know, will keep a keen eye on every moment of your body, and everything you speak is pretty much a nerve-wracking experience for all. Words and verbal communication comes later, but what tells a lot about you is how you dress up and how to maintain your body in a public space. Your body language tells a lot more about you than you can even imagine. Thus, if you are appearing for a pageant, then looking for some beauty pageant body language tips must be the topmost concern.


The Self-display and Related Facets: 


The Self-display and Related Facets


Beauty pageants are in a way a display of oneself which includes your intellect, beauty, and most vitally the overall personality and attitude. In plain terms, you are selling yourself in front of all those looking at you rather keenly. Hence, before the start of anything verbal your body begins to narrate a story of its own. Someone who stands straight and firmly has certain different characteristics in comparison to those who are a little slouched and stand with a loose body. Keeping this in mind, here is a list of things one must do and avoid doing when appearing for an interview for a beauty pageant.



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  • How you stand tells more about you than you are probably aware of. Hence, it becomes necessary that you do not give off lethargic or exhausted vibes. Make sure you practice standing straight without slouching or bending. Your shoulders must be aligned but they should not appear stiff or firm in an unnatural manner.
  • During an interview make sure that you keep your head high and look straight. Avoid looking down at your hands or shoes or in random directions, this tends to give a general idea that you are not confident enough. If you want you can also opt for a personality development course and seek out help from a professional.
  • The next important area of focus is your hand gestures. Hand gestures tend to give off an air of optimism and a personality that easily learns to get habituated with new situations and conditions. But this is true only when you know how to use the gestures properly. Keep your hands above your waist and below your shoulder and use them while communicating. Avoid making a fist or closing your hands behind the waist or upon the chest, as this gives an appearance of nervousness and untrustworthiness.


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  • Make sure you take up the space in the room and create a positive and lively air. This can be easily done by inculcating hand gestures, keeping a subtle smile (make sure you do not grin), and walking around. This will give your personality an air of confidence and make you look commanding in a good way. This is contrary to society’s view of how women must act or behave.
  • Eye contact is as important as any other movement of the body. The vital rule here is to make constant eye contact as it makes the interview feel that you are attentive to whatever he/she is speaking. A lack of eye makes you look interested and that can be a major backfire.
  • Finally, keep a subtle and invigorating smile on your face. This will make you look friendly and approachable. Avoid frowning and squinting your eyes in any case. Even if you cannot understand something, try to smile with ease and look straight ahead. You can also have a conversation with a Miss Indian guru, who is an expert in this field for some other exceptional points to take care of.



Not to be done: 


Not to be done


  • Judges of a beauty pageant are always looking for an optimistic, friendly, and outgoing person. So make sure you do not do anything that makes you look otherwise. Do not in any case close your arm on your chest or hold them behind your waist, this will make you look snobby and unavailable.
  • While it is important to maintain a firm body posture make sure you do not look unnatural in anyways. Try to keep your body naturally relaxed and your knees firm. If you start feeling nervous or anxious, then simply lock your needs and put pressure on them. This will assist you in maintaining your posture and save you from stumbling or feeling wobbly.


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  • Some people have the tendency of covering their mouth while talking or laughing or when they are nervous. This makes you look conscious and nervous which is quite problematic. Keep your hands away from your mouth while talking or laughing and do your best to look as confident as possible.
  • One of the most important points to take heed of is that you shift from one foot to another and do not move or sway back and forth unnecessarily. This will distract your judges and that is quite problematic.




The above-mentioned beauty pageant body language tips are quite handy and one must practice them before appearing in a beauty pageant. Make sure you record yourself regularly on a regular basis while practicing so that you can easily pick out the flaws and faults. In addition, by recording yourself you gain confidence and know what you must take care of while you are standing before a bench of judges.

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