Being shy and exorbitant? Yes, in particular, these couple of personality traits should have little to do with one another. Introversion represents a passion for soft, low-stimulation circumstances. Shyness often manifests itself as lowering self-esteem, the anxiety of dismissal, or painful self-consciousness; usually cripplingly to your mental health. Overcoming video shyness has been one of the greatest challenges for me at least. But, it has come to be one of the most eventful journeys to go by.

Shyness, on one hand, is a concern or doubt of annulling the analysis of someone else which makes you feel insecure. Shyness often exhibits itself as low self-esteem, the concern of denial, or intense self-consciousness; often undermining yourself.


So, with the introduction out of the way for we should plunge into the topic of overcoming video shyness:


With more and more people preferring to use an online platform for interviews or with the onset of the pandemic has created a divide with personal interaction to a video-based conference like zoom or other application, participating in those would be quite cumbersome to some and the rest would fly through with no problem at all. Here, we talk about the people who have the issue of shyness during these crucial moments.

While video conferencing can be excellent for productivity and team collaboration, many people are awkward on camera and have camera shyness. So they shun away from these tasks just because they are on camera. Some might think ” Well I have no issue with video conferencing on camera” but, when they come in front of it they go blank just like a test paper. It might be alright for a moment in time for the long run not so much.


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So here are some tips that will help you:


1. Practice: 


Practice, overcoming video shyness


In most of my write-ups, I have strongly mentioned the need for practice. In this, as well, I would place a certain amount of emphasis. You must always know that imperfections are part of who you are, so needing to be perfect should be out of the question; be you and be confident. Practice by looking at the mirror and having a conversation with yourself.

  • Try sending videos to your close friends. 
  • Trying out different facial expressions to make sure you don’t look hilarious.
  • In the end, Practice is king.



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2. Know what you want to say: 


Know what you want to say


If you’re planning to record yourself, set aside a little time to decide what your information you need to tell the person on the other end. Sketch out your main talking details. Make the notes which you need to build up. Despite the position you don’t like to be In, it’s always going to be more comfortable when you understand and know what you want to speak.


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3. Focus: 


Focus, overcoming video shyness


Plan your presence, so focus on the bigger picture of what needs to be said, behind your video, and who will be hearing to your information to be heard. So, focus on what needs to be said. Be, calm, and breathe.




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4. Practice on what needs to be said: 


Practice on what needs to be said


  • Once you know what needs to be said it becomes easier for you to focus.
  • If you are worried about being on camera, working through your message several times, this will help you prepare what needs to be said. That preparation will reduce your stress.
  • Concentrate on understanding your message, be on the line. This will also deter you from sounding like a cyborg who’s reading off a scrap of paper sitting just off-screen.



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5. Smile and Be Passionate: 


Smile and Be Passionate, overcoming video shyness


Just like any other performance on stage, but this being online. We need to have good body language which plays a vital role in making good videos or in front of people who are listening to you. Body language can assist you to succeed the need for being shy in front of a camera shyness the same way it can completely remodel your videos.

Body language is not only a sign of what a character is feeling on the inside, but it also operates the other way. In other words, smiling and being more passionate about what needs to be said can assist you to overcome camera shyness.


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6. Have a bottle of water at hand: 


Have a bottle of water at hand


A dry mouth usually occurs when we converse upon certain things. That is unusually accurate for when we are following or being under a lot of pressure or are feeling apprehensive. So when you are camera shy and are about to sit in front of a camera, always have a bottle of water at hand. A fast sip when you feel your mouth going dry can do miracles for your courage and immediately make you feel more satisfied.


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7. Personality development skills: 


Personality development skills


The direction you take in your personal development varies from one human to another. Approaches to attaining individual growth are as contrasting as the personal qualities and goals influencing them. Through personality development, one can build confidence.

As said above one knows the many reasons to be scared or shy in front of the camera through understanding the core reasons for it and working towards it. Overcoming video shyness through a personality development course puts you in the right direction towards what needs to be achieved.

Our personality development training programs will establish a very permanent and soulful relationship with your thinking pattern and memory. Through theater and dramatics, you will break your limitations and evolve.