The art of teaching doesn’t merely involve a smooth transfer of data from one to another. Instead, it’s a posh process that facilitates and influences the method of learning. Quality of an educator is estimated on what proportion the scholars understand from his/her teaching. The school rooms can’t be used as a learning platform for acquiring primary teaching skills. Training of medical teachers in specific teaching skills may be a significant challenge in medical education schemes. The pedagogic skill for teaching is often acquired only through more structured and cheaper faculty training techniques. With the entry of micro teaching skills about 50 years ago, the spaces of technically proven or operative methods to be followed in teacher training programs have been overawed.

Microteaching is often practiced with a tiny lesson or one concept and a smaller number of scholars. It scales down the complications of real teaching, so immediate feedback is often wanted each rehearsal. The modern-day multimedia equipment like audio-video recording devices has a crucial role within the learning process.


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importance of micro teaching skills, role of micro teaching skills


Observing a fellow teacher and employing a trial-and-error in their own teaching sessions are quite a common way of self-training. However, both of them have their own demerits. On the opposite hand, micro teaching skills help in eliminating errors and builds more persuasive teaching skills for beginners and senior teachers. Micro teaching increases self-confidence, improves the in-class teaching performances and develops the classroom management skills.


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Importance of Micro Teaching Skills:  


importance of Micro Teaching Skills


Micro teaching skill feature a pivotal role altogether in medical education training programs and contributes to a great extent to the higher understanding of the teaching process and its complexities. A case study on micro teaching lesson study combining the weather of Japanese lesson study and micro teaching technique reported that the pre-and post-lesson plans had successfully demonstrated growth in teachers’ knowledge of teaching. The “teach, critique, re-teach” model at the time of a dental education program recognized micro teaching as a method for building confidence and development of personality in health professionals. Heyworth describes micro teaching as a “scaled-down teaching encounter designed to develop new skills and refine old ones. In spite of experiencing anxiety, micro teaching has evolved because of the proven technique in nurse education.


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teaching skills to impart learning


Aside from increasing the teaching performances of 57 nursing students, the micro teaching had proven to be active within the retention of the learned behaviors, even six months after course completion. Dietetic students had reportedly high confidence levels after an intensive workshop supported the micro teaching technique. Another study determined the impact of a micro teaching experience on the development of `performance-based skills at a pharmacy college. A micro teaching activity which has been merged inside a seminar for development of knowledge was evidenced to be an effective way to strengthen and develop problem-solving, communication and critical-thinking skills in pharmacy students.


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Micro teaching helps not only in developing skills of the novice teachers but also assists in comparing the effectiveness of variation of 1 micro teaching with another. Micro teaching has the power to reinforce the talents of problem-solving, critical thinking, questioning, and reflective thinking. It improves learning through practical applications. The other key benefits of this system included the following: Transformation of inauspicious topics into learnable units, usage of advanced organizers, integration of the lecture with applications on issues, and utilization of proper questions and pauses. The role of health educators can thus be adequately satisfied by practicing micro teaching techniques.



micro teaching skills


Not just in medicine or health sciences, the micro teaching concept had worked more efficiently in teaching mathematics than the standard teaching techniques. The use of expanded micro teaching activities during mathematics teaching practical courses reduced the amount of hysteria. Behaviourist phenomenon of micro teaching via a Neo-Vygotskian theoretical lens, employing a case study of 2 sections of potential tutors being coached and instructed by a clinical instructor and professor was demonstrated by Vare Jonatha. The new micro teaching model conceptualizes the teacher education program with the advances in social learning theory and meta-cognitive learning strategies. An analytical study conducted by Hansford analyzed and provided results stating the relation between the personality dimension dogmatism, different conditions of feedback in peer micro teaching, and non-verbal discernment.

Proper practice is deemed essential for teacher training programs because it serves trainees to realize their first teaching experience and helps to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes. But time remains the primary hurdle for micro teaching sessions during medical education training programs. These leads to neither all the talents are practiced nor are all trainees given a chance for re-planning and re-teaching activities. The training becomes ineffective unless the teacher acquires the standard of effective student teaching.

The other limitations of micro teaching include the following: No emphasis on contents, skill dependency, and administrative/logistic problems when the category size is large. This will be minimized by implementing the activities at the departmental level in several sequences. Extensive or large-scaled training programs can only be possible if all the tutors are well equipped with the core skills that they are supposed to deliver. These programs can then be effectively utilized for the learning of the latest skills and strengthening and elaboration of existing skills. Hence, a far better understanding of the complexities of the teaching process by the school is more important.

In India, the micro teaching technique is under-estimated and under-utilised for various reasons. Practicing the economical, more straightforward methods of micro teaching would help develop better teachers for the country. There are personality development courses in Gurgaon for enhancing personality development skills.



micro teaching skills, importance of micro teaching skills



Micro Teaching skills work as a focused instrument which helps to practice essential teaching skills safely and effectively at any age. Learning may be a change in behavior, which is caused by activity, training, or experiencing at any age. When the learner is experienced, learning becomes simpler. The foremost outstanding quality of the participants of micro teaching sessions is the ability to offer and receive constructive feedback with an open mind and achieves appropriate teaching-learning goals. additionally, it increases the self-confidence of a teacher in an environment of friendliness and equanimity.

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