Personality is largely shaped through learning. Personality as termed by Gordon Allport is the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his characteristic behavior and thought. Our personalities keep developing from a very young age, which is why understanding the importance of personality education for kids is necessary.

Human personality is influenced by a wide variety of factors. The prominent factors that have been found to shape human personality development are the biological factor, psycho-social and cultural factors. Personality development should begin at a young age in student’s life as it will help them shape their inner being and develop as confident human beings in society.


Lets read some factors to understand the importance of personality education for kids: 



  • Biological Factors: 


Biological Factors, importance of personality education


First comes the Biological factors which help in shaping a kid’s personality, the biological factor consists of genetic inherent properties, body chemistry, physique, physical health, disabilities, and endocrine glands. These biological factors are inherent and cannot be changed; all you can do is embrace them.



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  • Psychological Factors: 


Psychological Factors



Following Biological factors come to the psychosocial factors; these factors include family, school, neighborhood, peers, and culture. Family is one of the most important sources of influence on an individual personality. Researchers have found that it is not the structure of the family that affects the child’s development, but the ability of the parents to create a favorable environment, especially the social and psychological environment. School Atmosphere leaves an impact on shaping kids personality as urban schools are different from rural schools, a child from upper socio-economic class takes education in international school giving the child exposure to various stimuli which help the overall development of the child. Due to this the child becomes confident, well adjusted, and has a better self-concept, whereas a child from a lower socio-economic class goes to a government school, leading to not that much development due to lack of exposure.



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Neighborhoods on the other hand play an important role in influencing personality. It influences individual values, social norms, roles, and other forms of behavior from the Neighborhood. Peer groups refer to children of the same age who study with or play with the child. Studies have shown that peer group is much more influential than siblings or parents. Peer groups help shape the personality traits and characteristics of the growing child. Gender-appropriate behavior is learned because of peer groups. Sense of belonging, sense of identity, communication skills, cooperation, enhance relationships, socialization, a realistic view of their abilities, and emotional security and rapport are learned with the help of peer groups.



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  • Cultural Factors: 


Cultural Factors


Apart from family and social factors, Cultural factors do play an important role in influencing personality. The cultural environment influences our personality such as moral values, ethical values, beliefs, and norms. These factors help shape individuals’ persona and make them differentiate from others, it helps in personality development for kids more efficiently and appropriately. Every individual has qualities that make him/ her different from one another, these unique properties and traits are termed as personality, personality development is a combination of both physical and mental state of mind.





  • Educational Organizations: 


Educational Organizations, importance of personality education


Schools in India do not provide personality development programs or seminars, awareness and help must be provided in rural areas about personality development programs it would help shape their personalities and become confident human beings. Counseling and appropriate guidance should be provided to kids to help them shape into developed and confident adults.


A major part of kids’ personalities are shaped in schools, the best personality development trainer for kids would be their teacher, as teacher students have a close relationship with each other and teachers being a role model for students have a great impact on shaping kids personalities. Personalities are shaped in early childhood, education helps in shaping students’ identities, and a good and helpful teacher leads to a better image and positive self-concept. Having a strong early childhood personality development is necessary as it will shape who you turn out to become in near future. Some life skills develop from an early age which includes self-confidence, public speaking communication skills, listening skills; these things impact you in mere future. That’s why to have a strong adult personality you have to work on it from a very early age.



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This is the reason the importance of personality education for kids should be taken more under consideration, as kids are the future of the country, having strong confident kids, leading the country would be a great vision. To bring this vision to reality, the importance of personality education for kids should be given more attention, personality development programs should be arranged for kids every school should have these programs associated in their curriculum, rural as well as urban schools should have personality development programs which would include personality development exercises to give kids exposure and help shape them into confident adults.


In our personality development classes, we develop personality and leadership skills in pre-schoolers, kids, teenagers and adults. We focus on:


  • Concentration Development
  • Character Presentation
  • Podium Speech Training
  • Expressive Ability Enhancer
  • Body Language
  • Dialect Diction and Voice Modulation
  • Communication Skills
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Social Boldness
  • Expressions and Gesture Training for School Performances
  • Interview Training
  • Presentation Training
  • Meditation


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