The best thing about making decisions is that it ain’t confined to age- every age group makes some of the other settlements in life on a daily, no matter how minor it be. The process of deciding and concluding with a choice is something no mortal beings have ever been exempted from. It is an unavoidable fact of life. Some require major discussions and expert advice while others just require a moment of analysis. The idea behind concluding things on a good or neutral note is something not everyone fancies. For some, they always have had an upper hand to rely on and look up to for deciding everything for them. Observing and analyzing is a tough task to follow for some so they refrain from doing so and making themselves emotionally and mentally dependent on others. This takes away from them the right to question as they have already willingly given the authority to decide for themselves to others. Therefore, the importance of decision making holds in every individual’s life.

The fact that analyzing, decision making, negotiating, and coming to a parallelly good note seems like a colossal task for some people and so they refrain from doing so. It has been witnessed people who refuse to consider decision making skills as life skills have often run away from life’s responsibilities and realities. The people here cannot be blamed for this because they have been demonstrated since childhood that responsibilities are huge and if you fail at it, you are meant to be answerable on a large scale- words like these would easily tremble anyone’s self-confidence. The way one man/woman sees the world does not apply to everyone. For some, taking up responsibilities is like a duty while some do it because they ought to or they admire the idea behind it.


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The person who decides over everything or on behalf of a group reserves a different position in the family as well as in society. This respect and recognition apply on a personal as well as professional level. Some people believe in the importance of decision making skills just to enjoy that importance and attention while others do it because that’s how life works and being independent works when you decide for yourselves and take that responsibility.

However, with the changing times, the advent of the internet, exchange of ideas, people especially youth have realized their potential and the importance of maturity and independence. The social duty which was a burden has turned out to be a social responsibility voluntarily recognized by the youth (especially).


Keeping this in mind, here are certain vital points that validate the importance of decision making:


  • Maturity:


Maturity, importance of decision making


You grow up every time you take up the responsibility for your actions. These actions come from the decisions you make- the choice you make. You realize you are old enough to do it yourself. Being mature is not something you do for others, but it is a realization when you start to scrutinize and reason out things you once missed or ignored- something that is exclusively for your benefit.


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  • Independence: 




This is the best gift you can give yourself first and then your family. Not only financial independence but emotional and mental independence of thoughts and ideas. These ideas and thoughts are going to guide your actions in the future. One should realize that age is just a number and there will not always be an upper hand that is going to guide you, you are also going to grow old, likewise, your younger generation will learn this dependency and eventually apply on you and you do not know how to deal with it. So, to make a change, be the change!


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  • For a better world:


For a better world


One of the many reasons people refrain from taking this responsibility is because they do not believe they can do it, they lack self-confidence. Some people have not tapped that emotion of theirs that could do wonders. Sometimes, such personalities are the flagbearers of change when they go beyond their comfort zones.


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  • Self-confidence:




Personality development is a central part of learning to make decisions. With a great personality, comes self-confidence that helps a person to reside and survive with dignity and pride. A mortal human being remains immortal with his/her actions.


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  • To avoid making bad decisions:


To avoid making bad decisions, importance of decision making


To be honest, there is nothing called a bad or a good decision, it is the people and the circumstance that surrounds you makes it either one of them. To be able to make a decision is an achievement in itself, but a decision becomes wrong when you skip scrutinizing the consequences associated with it.


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  • Empathetic:




The ability to keep yourself in somebody else’s shoes is a quality not everyone can possess. It is a blessing in disguise, a boon to humankind. Empathetic people prove to be positively decisive.

There is a leader in everyone, they might not lead practically in real life, but they possess the power to lead their lives with their own decisions. At Sanjeev Datta Personality development course, we will only guide you to the river, but you have to realize the river water’s usefulness. Everyone identifies the importance of decision making, only the people who are bold enough to take risks to bring it to practice.