We call any pursuit of movement, be it from a standpoint of creativity to the part of creating something extraordinary. This encompasses the creation of any kind of personal world or development of the mind that is encountered and seen only in us ”the humans”. Imagination and creativity in childhood is the most freewheeling form of self-expression. There is nothing more comforting and satisfying for children than to be able to express themselves naturally and that too without any form of judgment.

The capacity to be creative and to build something from personal feelings and events can reveal and nurture children’s emotional well-being. The activities and the experiences children have during the initial stages of their life can significantly improve the development of their creativity and imagination to a better level compared to the rest. So, with the utmost care from parents in the initial days is what’s required to get the results of creativity. Imagination on the other hand is an inbuilt recognition through curiosity and experiences.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” ―Albert Einstein



Why is creativity central to the imagination? 


Why is creativity central to the imagination, imagination and creativity in childhood


Creative play is an important part of childhood and child development. Through creative and imaginative activity children can develop and thrive; emotionally, socially, intellectually, and even physically. Creative activities stimulate a child to develop these skills and allow them to experience their thoughts, feelings and ideas. Exposing children to creative possibilities adds to, and promotes their progress.


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creativity and imagination skills



Why imagination and creativity in childhood ?


Why imagination and creativity in childhood


1. Every child need’s to be truly creative and this feeling of creativity and imagination is the freedom to invest in themselves entirely to the effort and make them truly who they are.
2. Beyond the form of enjoyment in their creative selves. They go beyond this nature and helps them face obstacles with much enthusiasm.
3. Creativity and imagination a precursor for success.
4. Imagination constructs a frame-work for social-emotional progress by enabling children to view different resolves, thus boosting children’s self-esteem and the determination to succeed.
5. A must in the long run as ideas be the turning point for work-force success.
6. Language improvement without the risk of being corrected when making a small mistake or be laughed at, children are able to explore the horizons of language with their own glossary of words and use of language.
7. When social-emotional progress is developed there would be a direct correlation with personality development skill improvement.
8. A boost to creative thinking and problem-solving abilities to face obstacles in the long run.
9. With a flow of a multitude of cultures and ethnics the child’s experiences and see’s the world with openness and love.
10. Physical development, whether your child is dancing to the beat of their own music, or traversing the vast nature bound upon them, creative play advocates them to grow all of their fine motor skills, coordination, and direction. Strengthening the fine motor skills demands discipline and establishes the stage for developing hand-eye coordination and muscle retention.


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Let us dive into a bit of how to nurture this creativity in our children’s mind:


1. Verbal activities: 


Verbal activities


Communication is a fundamental feature of cognitive development in children. Language development is necessary to facilitate learning throughout our lives. Playing small games of “I-Spy” with my little eye to silly sounds.


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self esteem activities for kids



2. Spending enough Time Outdoors: 


Spending enough Time Outdoors, imagination and creativity in childhood


Nature inspires us and helps us think. From birds to the fresh-cut grass there would be a vast number of opportunities to discover your child’s inner potential and help in a creative adventure.


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3. Questioning: 




Asking or letting your child explore the varied facets of our planet itself is mind-boggling. A thought-provoking question makes sure these questions are open-ended. Asking them, what the distinction is between a dog or a cat. Or by asking them to explain the physical aspects of a fish with another marine species. They may even be fascinated by the real-life examples through the discovery channel.

“The most important thing is a person. A person who incites and feeds your curiosity; and machines cannot do that in the same way that people can. “~Steve Jobs



Early childhood is a magical experience to be a parent as well as being the child, with countless things to unravel and explore in the real world and many possibilities for make-believe. Imagination and creativity in childhood are two of the basic skills we need to build in our children during the initial five years of your children’s life. Equipping children with creative possibilities for play will enable them to improve these important skills as well as give them the chance to examine and study the world around them. With the added benefit of personality development for kids, it caters to all these needs for your child plus a future enabled life. Running personality development classes in gurgaon for the past 21 years with the aim to develop young leaders of tomorrow.