As kids are growing up and learning various new things, one of the most important things that a parent can teach them is self-hygiene. Mostly or commonly, it is noticed that girls tend to maintain their hygiene to a certain extent. But things are quite opposite when we consider the case of boys who, really do not care much. Especially boys who are in middle or high school do not care much about their hygiene because they are too busy or occupied with so many other things at the time. Thus, during this time parents must give them some hygiene tips for teenage guys and make sure that they practice the same.



Knowing the Beneficial Hygiene Tips for Teenage Boys:


Hygiene essentially means how we keep our bodies clean on a day-to-day basis. This works in two ways. Firstly, it helps us to be free from germs, if not all at least most of them, and secondly, it helps us in improving our social interaction with other people. Having good hygiene means that you are someone who takes care of yourself.



  1. Daily Shower: 


daily shower, hygiene tips for teenage boys


This might sound a little gross, but it is the truth of many households that boys are the ones who needed to be reminded on a routine basis about showering. Boys usually have the habit of not caring much and sometimes they can go weeks without it by surviving mainly on somebody’s scents or deodorants. Though this is fine for a day or two, over a prolonged period this can be dangerous for the body as the accumulated sweat and dust can lead to various kinds of infection in a different part of the body. Thus, make sure that your teen is someone who takes shower on a routine basis without skipping it much. This will also help in keeping his mind fresh and active.



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2. Face Wash: 


Face Wash


One of the worst nightmares for almost all teens is having a face full of acne. And in fact, this is also one of the most widespread teen problems. The main reason behind this is the negligence of skincare during the teen years. Teen boys especially suffer from this problem because they rarely take care of their faces. It is vital that a teen is being taught about washing their on regular basis with the help of a suitable face wash or cleanser. And making sure that they do so regularly. While using a particular kind of face wash or cleanser teens must remember to be very gentle with their skin and they should massage their face very gently. In addition, one other thing that nobody teaches teens is that they should also massage their face while applying moisturizers. This helps your skin in absorbing the cream or lotion.


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3. Use Deodorants:


Use Deodorants, hygiene tips for teenage boys


In teen years boys take part in various kinds of activities each of which requires a lot of body movement and can lead to physical exertion. Because of this, a lot of sweat is produced in the body, which necessarily needs to be cleaned to make sure that it does not lead to any sort of infection or whatsoever. This teen needs to take shower regularly. And along with this they also need to learn to use deodorants or antiperspirants to control their sweating. But making sure that they do not use a lot of antiperspirants might lead to the blocking of sweat glands.





4. Dental Hygiene:


dental hygiene


There is no denial in the fact that teens are quite careless when it comes to maintaining their dental hygiene. It is vital that teen guys brush at least twice a day, floss on a routine basis, and make use of mouthwash now and then. This will help to prevent or hinder the growth of bad bacteria that can help you to prevent various kinds of diseases like cavities and gingivitis. If the teen ever takes part in a personality development course, then self-hygiene is an important part of it.



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5. Clothes and Shaving:


clothes and shaving, hygiene tips for teenage boys


Teen boys have the habit of not changing their clothes on a routine basis and they just keep repeating the same t-shirt without washing. This habit needs to be changed. In addition, during the teen years, hair growth can be witnessed in different parts of the body. Boys have the urge of cleaning that and they need guidance for the same. Make sure you teach teen boys about properly shaving or trimming and various other aspects related to it.



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Hygiene is one of the most important and integral parts of our routine as it makes sure that we are healthy and free from various kinds of infections and diseases. Thus, it is vital to know various hygiene tips for teenage boys and teach them about the same and application of the same. Always remember that hygiene never harms anyone.


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