Nature has kept human beings close to ensure each other’s needs and demands and fulfill them accordingly. They are meant to interact with each other so that there is a constant flow and exchange of emotions, ideas, and commodities. It is an inevitable factor. Many people love the idea of socializing with others and establish everlasting bonds and connections, something that we do for social survival. On the other hand, some people do not fancy or approve of the idea of meeting people, especially strangers, and form friendships. The latter category does not even encourage keeping acquaintances, let alone making efforts for new friendships. This type of tendency or practice of not approving strangers’ presence is termed as social inhibition. So, in this article we will try to develop an understanding of social inhibition and how to overcome social inhibition for your career development.

Social inhibition refers to people who refuse to meet and interact with society, whether consciously or unconsciously, because of the fear of one’s ideas and ideologies getting disapproved or rejected. There are many reasons as to why some people have chosen this practice- sometimes people do not show much interest in socializing or are unsocial while there are some who have confined them to limited people because of a supposed trauma that they had gone through previously.

There might be many reasons to have social inhibition but there are some who have been making efforts to reduce and remove their social phobia for good. Before we start with, how to overcome social inhibition, let us first understand why it is important to break the ice and address the elephant in the room:


  • Makes you more confident.
  • You remain updated.
  • There is always a healthy debate you can have with people.
  • You gain knowledge.
  • You exchange ideas and innovations.
  • There are always people who help you in distress.
  • You will never feel lonely.
  • Your mental peace will remain in check (because there is no unsaid emotions and feelings anymore)
  • You learn the ways of life.
  • You can live, experience, and learn from other people’s stories.
  • You can lead a smart and healthy lifestyle.


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So, these were the reasons why it is important to reduce (if not remove) social inhibition. Tackling social inhibition does not mean that you meet and socialize with anyone you come across. It simply makes you differentiate between good and evil and helps you identify who are the ones worth investing time for. This indeed is a bigger issue than it appears to be- some people even resort to take help from the experts and consult for a personality development course.


To support this article, here are certain ways on how to overcome social inhibition: 



  • Reduce Anxiety: 


Reduce Anxiety, how to overcome social inhibition


One of the major reasons to run away from the public eye is anxiety or panic. It appears when one is nervous or is unable to get work done. It is followed by health constraints like shaky hands and breathlessness. This requires a heart-to-heart talk with a loved one and also meditation. When they talk it out, they release a huge amount of stress and tension. Meditation helps at a spiritual level and proves to be very helpful for calming a person down.



stress management skills



  • Meet Mutual Friends:


Meet Mutual Friends


You would not be ready to talk to a total stranger unless a relationship is recognized. For starters, you can communicate with your classmates at school and college or the batchmates of your personality development course, who are going through the same problem as yours. Talking to your batchmates will not only help you but them too.




  • Writing: 




To build your confidence, the first thing you should do is to let go of your unsaid feelings and emotions. To do that, you cannot talk about it to anyone since you have just started. In this case, the best you can do is to pen down your thoughts. Writing has always proved to be beneficial for people who are socially awkward and have anxiety issues.


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public speaking skills


  • Yoga/Exercise: 




One of the main reasons for social inhibition is outward appearance. This point is not meant to body shame any person but if at all, there is an insecurity with regards to appearance, we advise you to workout and perform yoga if possible. Exercises and yoga always bring confidence, positive thoughts, and vibes.


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  • Find a Common Ground:


Find a Common Ground


When you do not know how to spark a conversation, start to talk about books, movies, food ideas, television programs, etc. Try finding a common ground so that you can establish communication. Make sure you give equal opportunity to the other person to contribute to the conversation.


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Society is a bag of mixed emotions- it has both good and evil. However, some populations of a certain generation have made prejudicial views about it and have considered it the evilest element in the universe without even acknowledging the good about it. This is also one of the major reasons for social inhibition. Sometimes, people do not make efforts on how to overcome social inhibition and proclaim society as the culprit! I would agree to this that excess of anything is bad, so excessive socialization and inhibition are both injurious to social welfare.


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