Recently many acts or situations that we come across are influenced because of something or someone. to have an influence over people or situations means to affect what they do or what happens. Now, negative influence means something or someone teaching or pushing a person to do wrong things or the things that would be harmful to someone else. Bad influence can also lead people to think of situations in worse ways and have bad thoughts about others. It is a fact that bad influence is a huge problem nowadays. But we know that ‘for every problem, there is always a solution. Children can come across bad influences at a very young age and it is the responsibility of their parents and teachers to prevent this bad influence from affecting the children. We can, of course, overcome bad influence in the right ways. So, here are a few tips on how to overcome negative influence on behaviour.


Listing out some beneficial ways on how to overcome negative influence: 


  • Setting boundaries –


Setting boundaries, how to overcome negative influences


Sometimes we come across negative influence even when it is something we didn’t choose. At such times, it is important to set boundaries and know when to step back. It can be at your workplace or school or even on social media, you know what is best for you. Cutting screen time or leaving a conversation that feels wrong would not harm you.


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  • Good Values –


Good Values


Understanding comes from experience, true. But it is also true that sometimes, we have taught ourselves the difference between right and wrong, about good and bad before letting bad influence our lives. We cannot stop it but once the bad influence arrives, the morals and values you taught yourself will help overcome bad influence on your behaviour. Good values for kids are a basic foundation on how to overcome negative influences.


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  • No means no –


No means no


The world ‘no’ has so much power yet we never realize it. While overcoming negative influence, one has to be bold enough to say no to the things that go against their viewpoint.



life skills for children



  • You are loved –


You are loved, how to overcome negative influences


Many times it is easier for negative influence to get its way when the other person feels insecure or unloved. When you know you are loved and that people care about you, it is harder to ignore it and do the things that might hurt a loved one. Hence, the people who know they are loved are harder to go under and get affected by negative influence.





  • No Judgement Please –


No Judgement Please


We have to understand that if someone is under a negative influence and is behaving unlike themselves, it can be because the person who influenced them said some things that might have sounded like truth. Hence, the person who is under negative influence is only trying to fit in. Keeping that in mind, while overcoming negative influence it is crucial to make no judgments and simply try to let that person know why what they are doing is wrong. Judging a person at such a time would seem like a foolish move and it won’t help with overcoming the influence.



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benefits of forgiveness



  • Independence is a Necessity –


Independence is a Necessity


It is only natural if one wants to punish or ground someone for being under negative influence but the truth is, that will not help in overcoming the influence nor the bad behaviour. Sure, it is important to have a ground rule but independence is important as well. Be sure to tell the influenced one about good values, kindness, right and wrong, and let THEM make a choice. If the person is feeling trapped and dependent, it is a possibility that the negative influence may affect them easily.


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  • Communication –




It is a fact when people say ‘communication is the key’. To help someone overcome a negative influence, it is important to know what led that person’s behaviour to change so drastically. It is important to know the reason behind why they were affected by it. Here, it should not be a conversational way of communication always. Sometimes just listening to the person can be a huge help. Be a good listener. It is true that many times people who are fighting against negative influence just want someone to listen.


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  • Physical Exercise –


Physical Exercise


It is proven that doing exercises, yoga, or even just a walk in a park can make you feel better and happier. Physical exercise is one of a few ways to help one get out of negative influence on behaviour. It makes you feel confident in your own body and helps you overcome your insecurities. Even meditating or breathing exercises can help one find oneself and say goodbye to bad influences. Daily workouts are indeed one of the best practices on work on how to overcome negative influences.


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  • Personality Development Course –


Personality Development Course, how to overcome negative influences


As it is mentioned before, the easier people who are easily affected by negative influence are the ones who are insecure about themselves or are not strongly aware of what is right and wrong. This is where personality development classes come in. As we know, personality development training helps people to find their passion in life, it helps them know their strengths and weaknesses and makes them better people. Hence, helps them overcome the negative influence.

In the era of social media, it is easier to get affected by negative influences on behaviour or your mindset. But the above ways will help you know how to stay away from those and how to overcome negative influences on behaviour.

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