Intelligent are those who don’t make mistakes, but Insightful are those who make mistakes and then learn from them. We are humans and it is normal for us to make mistakes and have failed attempts while doing something. But we become wiser, when we know the cause of the mistake, take an insight and never repeat it. What makes us even more ignorant is making mistakes in professional life, and to overcome this issue we need to improve and ask ourselves a question, “How to learn from mistakes?”
A step towards succeeding in any field should start by knowing our abilities and drawbacks and once we take lessons from our errors, we can achieve the desired goal in no time.

Learning from mistakes has a path and can be followed in an understated manner: 


  1. Accept your Mistake: 


accept your mistakes, how to learn from mistakes


We happen to ignore our mistakes whereas we must learn from them. The starting point of improving ourselves should start from accepting our deeds, which requires a lot of courage. Knowing what we have done and what impact our ignorance can make on our as well as on other lives is crucial while accepting our mistake.

The great saying “There is happiness in acceptance”, explains the pleasure of accepting our mistakes and realizing the effective improvement in oneself.

When the acceptance of mistakes happens, we get to understand what we have done which has caused a harmful impact on any task, on our team’s effectiveness, and much more. These insights are important for learning from a mistake.


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2. Recognize your Mistake: 


Recognize your Mistake


Once we have accepted that a mistake has happened, we need to recognize the error. There arises a necessity to know what the mistake was, what impact it created on the task, on our team members, on our professional status, and so on.

It usually starts with us, denying our mistakes and leading to a bridge between accepting the consequences and the necessary improvement. Recognizing our mistakes helps us to be responsible and acceptance becomes easier.


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3. Detect Reasons/cause: 


detect reasons


When we have recognized and accepted our mistakes, the next step is to find the reasons and cause of the mistake. The causes of mistakes tell us, where we took the wrong turn while doing any particular task. Finding the causes of mistakes is even more necessary while taking lessons to create awareness for others as well as ourselves by not repeating it. Causes describe the depth of mistakes. While analyzing the cause or reason for any mistake we might get to know that the cause was very small, but it made a very high impact. Determine the cause and take insightful notes about it. This will positively impact your learnings from your mistake. It is also a good approach while studying our mistakes.


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observation skills, personality development skills



4. Find the Alternative: 


find the alternative, how to learn from mistakes



While giving an attempt to any task there are usually multiple ways, different approaches, and various methods which can be used to reach the end milestone. These different pathways of getting results to take different time, and resources. It’s our choice to give preference to any single of it however when it does go planned, we might have to confront some errors. While learning from mistakes, it becomes crucial to find new ways of doing it. We can discover alternative by upskilling ourselves or by upgrading ourselves in any possible way.

This can be achieved either by joining some educational course or some personality development course to show us that there can be a wider view and things can be done differently by improving ourselves.


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5. Do Practice of Lessons Learned:


Do Practice of Lessons Learned


Learning from mistakes and failures grabs massive importance when we start putting it into practice whatever we have learned. The time doesn’t matter, what does matter is that we analyzed our mistakes, we understood the reason behind it, took insights from it, and now we can put the learnings into practice within our schedule. This regular repeating of learned lessons will make us wiser and help us to change the approach that we usually use to do any task. Practice makes a man perfect, but here it will make you wiser as well. After learning and practicing it, we transform ourselves in such a way that the probability of repeating a mistake, falls.




Getting some errors because of little conscious or unconscious mistakes can be very harmful in the professional world, so our prime focus should be on how to learn from mistakes and never repeat them. Acknowledging and accepting our mistakes will make us grow into better versions of ourselves. How insightful we are, depends on how much we have learned from our mistakes, by understanding that mistakes result in some error and that shows us a better way to do anything.

This article on how to learn from mistakes, states the impressive way to know what wrong has happened and then learn from it.

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