Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills are inevitable life skills that have no language or cultural barrier. These skills help us make better connections by communicating efficiently with our surroundings. Self-retrospection is the answer best suited on how to improve LSRW skills, because until and unless we indulge in self-awareness, educating ourselves on every matter will become impossible. Our way of survival in society greatly determines the techniques that we own to establish communication. These techniques are a result of the skills we own to tackle these.

Improving in a certain sector is like trying to update your existing knowledge and communication skills are something that requires timely revival. The connotations, the way we address our seniors and juniors, our parents, relatives, have changed quite a lot over time. For e.g.: in corporate sectors, the team leader or the head of the department is nowadays regarded by names, which replaced Sir/Madam, mostly to reduce the superiority complex. This might not be directly linked to the topic, but it very implies our attitude and the way we speak after the change of certain connotations.

LSRW skills are socialization skills that are imbibed to us ever since we existed. They are not only important for communication, they also determine healthy and well-coordinated body parts which implies that numbness or deformity of any body part can compromise one of these LSRW skills. We are taught to speak, act, use our hands and legs to function in different kinds of activities. LSRW skills function differently and hence the strategies for improvement also imply differently on each other even though each one influences the others.


The further explanation throws light on how to improve LSRW skills with bare minimum efforts:


  • Listening: 


Listening, how to improve lsrw skills


The act of listening defines how you and your other body parts receive and transmit this information. A person can not respond to a speech or a noise unless he hears it. Apart from the physiological function, listening to certain things depicts your dedication and interests towards which contributes to your personality development skills. This one of the best tips to work on how to improve LSRW skills.


Listening attentively performs half of the work of goal attainment. Here are some ways to improve listening: 


  • Note down what you write to remember for a longer time period.
  • Do not look around or get distracted
  • Keep an open and unoccupied mind
  • If possible, make eye contact and nod your head to reassure the speaker.


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  • Speaking: 




Speaking generates ideas, creativity, and connection. Your flow and gesticulation emphasize your ideas to the listener.


You can improve it by: 


  • Speaking in front of the mirror to gain confidence
  • Do not interrupt someone else in between to speak
  • Speak without hesitation and with a regular flow irrespective of your grammar.
  • Maintain eye contact to establish a good connection.
  • Do not keep your hands in the pockets or the other person’s body with consent, it is deemed inappropriate and disrespectful, respectively.
  • Excuse yourself when you leave, sneeze, cough, or anything that distracts your flow of speech
  • Speak in a language you are comfortable with.
  • Speak in gaps if there is another person who is with you and wants to speak


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public speaking skills



  • Reading: 




Reading is the process of understanding and comprehending ideas generated via that. We see a certain thing and then we start reading it as soon as we realize that we know the language. It can be enhanced through:


  • Regularly reading, in fact inculcating a reading habit from a young age.
  • Reading and writing at the same time increase memory.
  • Enhances your cognitive abilities making you very observant.
  • Underline the lines for better understanding
  • Read the difficult words again and again until it seems easy for you.
  • Read and explore new worlds and ideas as regularly as possible.
  • Ideas, creativity, and innovation is mostly generated by the practice of reading
  • Personality Development courses always encourage habits like reading and writing to enhance a person’s persona.




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  • Writing: 




The ideas you generate while listening, observing, reading, speaking, are penned down while writing. Writing is considered the best way to be expressive and is very useful.


It can be improvised in the following ways: 


  • Write on every topic you get so that you explore your knowledge as well as your writing skills.
  • Very effective in establishing eye, hand coordination, and movement.
  • You can keep checking your grammar and punctuation for flawless writing.
  • Use good vocabulary by exploring new words.
  • Use it as a getaway that relieves your mind, a tool that is very intellectual as a personality development skill.


reading skills for children


The understanding of basic skills and enhancing and brushing them every day makes these skills the strongest ability or point that shapes your character and morals. Values and ethics are shaped when these skills are channelized in the right direction thus contributing to personality development skills. It is always important to address improvement and change as in this case that dictates how to improve LSRW skills, to re-instate and re-ensure healthy exchange of values and wisdom.

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