Human understanding and comprehension of the surroundings are important to consider because that is going to influence his/her position in society. Looking at how the world functions and contributing your insight is not only a social responsibility but is also a smart survival skill. You view the world with your perspective, with your analytical skills, with the way you were raised to put your point of view. All these qualities and characteristics add up to your cognitive skills. Therefore it is essential for us to work on the activities we will be discussing on how to improve cognitive skills.

A normal human being makes choices, analyses, observes, takes a decision on a regular basis, all of this being performed involuntarily. We are not aware of the possibilities our minds are capable of, yet we keep exploring something new every day.

Our brain does perform and decides on ample minute and colossal elements daily and we do not realize it. However, apart from this, in certain cases, we require this function of the brain more than the other times. Our way of thinking, the way we analyze things depends on how strong our cognitive abilities are. It also depends on how well we have been training our minds over the years. Understanding how our brain reacts and acts depends on how often we take the pressure of thinking and analyzing. It is said that pressure brings the best out of a person and cognitive skills are proof that it indeed is true.


This article elucidates the ways and technics on how to improve cognitive skills without much hassle: 


  • Reading:


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Reading is a very good habit to accelerate your concentration power. It is here to stay forever. Reading not only empowers your knowledge but also helps you analyze better. The time you invest in reading and comprehending will help you make better decisions in the future as you have become imaginative and farsighted with your surroundings bestowed by the habit of reading.


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reading skills for children



  • Meditation:




Whenever there is a debate on how to increase concentration, meditation is the first thing that comes to mind. Meditation is a spiritual exercise of the mind and soul such that it can help you channelize your energy and your pressure towards something productive. A simple yoga asana that involves the closing of eyes and thinking about that one thing that you want or desire- just performing it 15 minutes a day will help you revamp throughout the day. As easy as it sounds, it is somehow underrated but most efficient and healthy.





  • Games:




Sports and games excite everyone. However, there is something different about indoor and board games. Most board games like chess, sudoku, scrabble, cards, UNO, monopoly, Chinese checkers, etc. require analytical and cognitive abilities to win. Some are simple yet they demand keen observation to surpass a level or even to win. The very idea of these games is to train and trigger the unused parts of your brain to tackle a given situation.


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  • Debates and Discussions:


Debates and Discussions


It is not an exercise to follow but definitely something that you need to be aware of so as to improve your cognitive abilities. Debates and discussions open your hidden talents and debating strategies that you would not have previously thought about. It is not easy for someone to debate and put forth an argument by analyzing what the opponent is trying to say. This is a trick of time and presence of mind that your brain does involuntarily only when you are attentive towards your surroundings. So, in order to unveil the hidden talent in you, always stay alert and attentive.


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  • Maintain good health:


Maintain good health


A body that often falls sick tends to have a lazy or inactive mind that does not have much energy to channelize in the right direction. Good health is an amalgamation of timely food intake, 7-8 hours of sleep on a daily, exercise or yoga, and adequate intake of water. When your body is healthy, you can think of myriad things that you can concentrate on without any constraint. It is very important that you stay in your right mind and sound health to take the important decisions of your life.


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  • Studying:




A person who goes exploring knowledge is the person who studies. It is sometimes not easy to concentrate but when you generate interest in something, you involuntarily go with the flow. Studying has proven to be one of the best ways to improve cognitive skills.


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  • Investing in your hobbies:


Investing in your hobbies, how to improve cognitive skills


Hobbies are a person’s getaway. It is considered to be a gift that they inculcate out of love and desire. When you invest in your hobbies, you will realize that you start to explore new ideas and creativity to make your talent look more vibrant and efficient. It is not easy to keep creating something new but once you take the plunge, you will be amazed at your own capabilities. This is something that can be treated like personality development training where you bring the best in you without even external pressure.


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We strongly believe that every child, under the age group of 12 years, picks up everything through strong instinctive observation, which in turn shapes up his/her personality in terms of self confidence, positive body language, voice articulation, initiative and interaction, superb learning and grasping power and environment adaptation. Needless to say, what is neglected in tender years of growth can never be replenished throughout life. Therefore, in our classes for personality development for kids, we focus on overall child development.