The thrill at first instance, a deep breath, heart-pounding, confusion, butterflies in your gut, and NO! your not getting a heart attack. Your on-stage emcee an event in which you were pushed to conduct. There are instances when you encounter particulate vulnerable moments that entice you to take the risk especially when you’re on stage and have no words to blabber as your afraid whether you would make a blunder. However, with all the might you have left in your body you give in to the very nature of stage that has called onto you and given that spotlight. Then at the initial occurrence, you remember browsing through an article about what a master of ceremonies is and how to be excellent at it. You got that right it was this very article on how to be a good master of ceremonies.


“Ladies and Gentlemen…” let us begin by introducing the premise of this article.


What is the role of an Emcee?


What is the role of an Emcee


The role of the MC is to serve as a master of an event, improve and promote the smooth sailing of the event, and to ensure the result the organizers intended is achieve.

One of the difficulties in defining specifically what the tenacity of a Master of Ceremonies claims is that there are numerous distinct sorts of situations where a Master of Ceremonies pilots on the necessary task like Corporate and Association Events, Bridal Events, Community Events, Festivals, Music Concerts, and Galas, to name hardly a few. As the emcee set the tone for the event with minimal distractions.


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1. Plan for an adequate event opening: 


Plan for an adequate event opening


When people have gathered to an event most of them are either are agitated and raring to leave. If you come glaring down on them with a dull entry and tone. You may as well drop the mick as the event would not go well. It’s always the initial impressions either on stage or in person the attitude which you speak out gives out an impression of who you are and what you are capable of. So, in any event, make sure you are enthusiastic about what you do.





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2. Bring onto the platform concrete and dynamic vibes: 


Bring onto the platform concrete and dynamic vibes, how to be a good master of ceremonies


As you conceive an ambiance of concrete and vibrant vibes you bring the same energy flow to the speakers that the emcee introduces creating a harmonious event packed with energy. With the intact expression of the event at such a high, your event will do well. So as an emcee, constantly bring with you confident and energetic vibes on stage.

The more enthusiasm you have, the more committed the audience will be to the event, and if you’re passionate, your audience will get passionate about the topic or the event. With the development and improvements through the personality development course, you can very well maintain that energy in you all the time.





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3. Constrain the timing of the event: 


Constrain the timing of the event


The emcee will have the final say in the control of the event happenings. While there may be a stage supervisor to help maintain the schedule, but by standing on stage and conducting the event, the emcee will beget control over what follows. Regularly assure that you are on top of your time management skills. If one section overruns, see if you can redeem by evading some time from another portion of the event. If one portion of the event is too compact, you can draw the next portion out. Eventually, you will have to guarantee that the function commences and concludes on time.


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4. Inhale steadily and deeply: 


Inhale steadily and deeply, how to be a good master of ceremonies


Kind of like an added tip to most people breathing makes a ton of difference as an anxious person myself. I practice the art of inhaling and exhaling whenever I ever accelerated. This is will diminish the quality of speech which will affect your performance on stage. So, whenever you feel nervous make sure to breathe in and out.



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5. Practice Practice Practice: 


Practice Practice Practice


The more you are familiar with the script the better of an emcee you become. After all practice and hard work are what make a human great at what he or she does. Practice reading through the script and the crux of the show to make room for better delivery. Get used to hearing your voice filling the room as you echo your thoughts encompassing the hall.


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6. Dress the part: 


Dress the part


To be well-groomed and on time with the perfect posture and voice modulation completes the entire show with a beautiful smile. This can all be done with the confidence of what you wear and results in the show being striking to the audience.

Identify, your audience, and take their signals which they blurt out which helps you react and encompass what can be done from the next segment of the event. If you respond as if your predicament is a tragedy, they’ll believe it is, and react with dread and aversion. If you address it naturally, laugh it off and push forward, they will smile, giggle it off with you, and push forward. Hoping some of these tips with the added help of personality development training can steer you towards the audience cheering and clapping for you.