Anger, more often than not, is a manifestation of some other issue underlying it. People who get angry are extremely passionate about whatever is triggering it. It might seem like an angry person is a threat to others, but in reality, they suffer from the dangerous effects of anger.



1. Effects on the heart


Effects on the heart, effects of anger


It is said that angry people very often have a good heart which might be true, but it will not be true in the long run, as getting angry is linked with poor heart health. Many experts believe that only 2 hours of anger outbursts can double the risk of a heart attack. Many researchers have shown a link between people who have poor cardiac health and anger issues. Not only anger outbursts but repressed anger is also linked with poor heart health.



2. Increased Risk of Stroke


Increased Risk of Stroke


Have the feeling of lashing out, wait, and reconsider because one study has shown that anger outburst increases the risk of brain strokes. People who have blood clots or any other serious condition should refrain from getting angry at all. Because repressed anger is as bad as anger outbursts, the only solution is anger management. For people who have serious anger concerns, taking the help of the best personality development mentor is a must who can hold their hand during this bumpy ride of anger management.


3. Messes with your digestive system


Messes with your digestive system, effects of anger


Our emotional health greatly impacts our digestive health. Ayurveda links anger with increased acidity in the stomach, which can inflame the stomach lining and cause ulcers. Anger is also linked with liver health. People who get angry very often have aggravated bile production, according to Ayurveda. Ayurveda also says that anger aggravates pitta in the body which can cause skin inflammation, allergies, acne, and rashes. Even medical science has also done studies showing that anger and stress can kill all good bacteria in the gut and cause constipation.



benefits of smiling




4. Distant Relations


Distant Relations


Anger acts as a red flag in relations. It ruins the life of every person in the family. Incidences of physical assaults and abuses in the family harm the victim in all possible ways. The recipient of the rage is hurt physically, emotionally, and mentally. Not only this, it harms the self-worth of the individual, where they think that running away or suicide is the only way out to numb the pain. Children living in such families are damaged because they don’t receive love or see the person who shows love getting beaten up. They may end up with a lack of empathy and sometimes end up becoming criminals or sociopaths. These are some dangerous outcomes that the family faces due to anger. Hence, anger management is one of the crucial personality development skills to be learned.






5. Impact on Mental Health


impact on mental health, effects of anger


Besides physical well-being, it also greatly impacts the mental and emotional health of a person. Not only does it badly affect the mood, but the people who get angry more often end up being alone as it causes displeasure to others. When infuriated, people show no mercy to anyone, including themselves. When it crosses the line, it can be physical or sexual abuse. During episodes of rage, people might physically hurt themselves or the other person. If things get physical, it can be a sign of serious mental health concerns. Experts must be contacted on a primary basis.



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6. Bad Professional Life


Bad Professional Life


A Professional setting requires a person to be well-behaved, with exceptions like boxing and other contact sports, where anger and aggression are considered good qualities. Episodes of rage in an office not only downgrade the image but also downgrade the position even if the person is most effective and efficient in their workplace, hence managing emotion in the profession is necessary. A professional personality development course teaches these emotional management skills which help people greatly excel in their lives.



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7. Impact on Social Life


Impact on Social Life


Society frowns upon individuals who exasperate in public. Some people also give a tag like crazy. Anger when done openly in front of people tarnishes the image of the person and people start to distance themselves from such people. One may end up losing all their friends.



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8. Creates negative self-image


Creates negative self-image, effects of anger


Anger also is linked many times to substance abuse. When people get into depressive states, they are angry and They end up abusing drugs after which they may end up getting physically violent and hurting themselves. It also hampers the self-image of a person they become victims to self-loathing and start hating themselves for their anger and their bad habits.


Anger dangerously affects people’s lives. It ruins physical and mental well-being. It puts people through emotional trauma and makes them suffer from unforgettable pain. However, if you are suffering from it, you are not alone. Some positive changes can help you improve the quality of your life.



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