The active and passive voices are one of the most significant concepts covered in elementary and high school. Here we have provided active and passive voice exercises to ensure that learners are able to appropriately solve the voice change exercises offered by their teachers.

The exercises below will also help you practice, but they will also ensure that your concepts are clear. The tasks are designed to assess whether students understand the fundamental ideas of active and passive voice. Students are frequently asked questions such as changing their voices or recognizing the type of tense used in sentences.

Active voice:

The subject of the active voice is doing something: the dog is chasing the ball. Take note of how the subject, a dog, performs the activity, chasing, the action’s target, a ball. This is a straightforward, straightforward example of the active voice.

Passive voice:

When a verb acts on the subject of a sentence, it is said to be in the passive voice. The ball (the subject) receives the verb’s action(being tossed) in “The ball was thrown by the pitcher,” as an example of passive voice.

To summarize, the subject of a sentence in the active voice is the person who performs the action specified by the verb. The person or thing who is acted upon or affected by the verb’s action is the topic of the passive voice. The passive voice is usually produced by combining a form of the verb be (such as is, was, or has been) with the verb’s past participle. Although the passive voice is sometimes criticized for being deceptive, it can be effective when someone wants to stress a past event or when the agent of an action is unknown, as is sometimes the case in news reportage.



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Active and Passive Voice Examples:

Although active and passive voice seems to be an important grammatical topic for pupils, they need also to be familiar with verbs. Only a learner with a firm grasp of verbs will be able to complete the active and passive voice tasks with ease. Taking classes from the best soft skills coach might help you in getting a good grip on your verb concepts.


Let’s Look At Some Active And Passive Voice Examples:



Active Voice

Passive Voice

Amar ate six puris at dinner.

At dinner, six puris were eaten by Amar.

Beautiful zebras roam the prairies.

The prairies are roamed by beautiful zebras.

Akshay changed the flat tire.

The flat tire was changed by Akshay.

We are going to play cricket tonight.

Cricket is going to be played by us tonight.

I ran the 100-meter course in record time.

The 100-meter course was run by me in record time.

The crew paved the entire stretch of road.

The entire stretch of road was paved by the crew.

Dad read the book in five days.

The book was read by Dad in five days.

I will wash the bike every Sunday.

The bike will be washed by me every Sunday.

The company requires staff to watch a safety video drill every month.

The staff are required by the company to watch a safety drill video every month.

Raju painted the entire house.

The entire house was painted by Raju.

The teacher always answers the students’ questions.

The students’ questions are always answered by the teacher.

The audience really enjoys the song.

That song was really enjoyed by the audience.

A fire destroyed the whole jungle.

The whole jungle was destroyed by a fire.

The two leaders are signing the agreement.

The agreement is being signed by the two leaders.

The cleaning crew cleans the office every night.

Every night, the office is cleaned by the cleaning crew.

Ajay donated money to the homeless shelter.

Money was donated to the homeless shelter by Ajay.

The wedding planner is making all the arrangements.

All the arrangements are being made by the wedding planner.

Susan will bake twenty cupcakes for the baker shop.

Twenty cookies will be baked by Susan for the baker’s shop.

The science class viewed the eclipse.

The eclipse was viewed by the science class.

The director will give you the script.

The script will be given to you by the director.

Thousands of tourists visit the Taj Mahal every year.

The Taj Mahal is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The owners repaired the house to help it sell.

The house was repaired by the owners to help it sell.

The saltwater corroded the iron beams.

The iron beams were corroded by the saltwater.

Ramesh carried the vegetables in his bag.

The vegetables were carried by Ramesh in his bag.

Abhimanyu has taken a personality development course

A personality development course has been taken by Abhimanyu.




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Below Are A Few Exercises For You To Identify The Voice: 


1. Arijit Singh Sings Beautiful Songs.

2. The Sun Rises In The East

3. The Dog Was Being Beaten By The Children

4. Trilok Was Helped By Dubey’s Uncle

5. The Carpenter Is Building The Door.

6. The Woodpecker Makes A Hole In The Tree.

7. The Man Dropped His Phone In The River.

8. The Bird Was Shot By The Hunter.

9. By Whom Was English Taught To You?

10. Narayan Lost The Money.


Answers: 1. Active, 2. Active, 3. Passive, 4. Passive, 5. Active, 6. Active, 7. Active, 8. Passive, 9. Passive, 10. Active.


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In Conclusion:


These are a few active and passive voice exercises that you can practice to gain command over the concept of active and passive voice grammar concepts. It is an important concept to be clear about as these concepts are essential in various professional careers.


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